Your Nursing Home Should Host a Community Easter Egg Hunt

Nursing home care is a topic that the average person avoids thinking about. Most people don’t research or look into nursing home care for Easter Bunny imagethemselves or their loved ones until they are presented with an active need. However, when nursing homes host community events, they have the opportunity to make a great first impression with the people in their community before a need ever arises.

One really fun way to reach out to your community is to host an Easter egg hunt. An egg hunt draws in people of all ages. Young children attend egg hunts along with their parents and grandparents. An egg hunt can be advertised as a Facebook event. You can also post about your egg hunt for free in local community calendars. Most egg hunts are held the Saturday before Easter. That said, if you want to attract a larger crowd, you could choose to host your Easter egg hunt two Saturdays before Easter, or on a Friday evening instead.

The most successful egg hunts have candy filled plastic eggs separated into different areas for different age groups. You can offer “prize” eggs by putting a slip of paper that says “winner” into specific eggs. When a child finds a winning egg, they bring their slip to the prize table and exchange it for a prize of their choice. You can purchase cheap prizes at your local dollar store, or ask for prize donations from local business. If you expect to repeat the egg hunt next year, ask participants to return their plastic eggs into containers you provide, after they have collected the candy from them.

In addition to the amazing opportunity to bring community members into your nursing home, your residents will love seeing all the little children hunt for eggs. You can maximize the residents’ joy from their young visitors, by inviting the children to participate in an “Easter Parade” through the hallways before the hunt begins. Play music on a wireless speaker and lead the children and their families through the hallways, encouraging them to wave at  and blow kisses to the residents. When you help community members build happy memories with their families, they will remember you when anyone they know is looking for nursing home care.