World’s Best Places to Retire

Every day in the USA, around 10,000 people reach the age of 65, when many people retire from working. Some will work longer and others will retire early, but the age of 65 is when most people decide to end their careers.

While some of these people will retire in their hometown or somewhere nearby, plenty of others will head to a different state, country, or even continent to retire the way they want. There are hundreds of choices, but a few places continue to be popular for people of all ages and backgrounds to retire.

Without any further ado, this blog post is going to go over some of the world’s best places to retire.


A popular choice among many retirees is to retire in Panama. Located in Central America, Panama offers a ton to those who decide to live there. The weather is amazing, it is an incredibly accessible place, and the amenities are top-notch. While tropical and gorgeous, Panama is outside the hurricane belt and thus has a more mild and predictable climate than many other places.

But despite all that is going for Panama, it still remains relatively affordable to live there. In addition to that, there are many pensioner discounts you can get when living there, such as cheaper power, cheaper meals, cheaper medication, and even cheaper entertainment.

Panama is also seen as a tax haven and retirees won’t be taxed on pensions or social security earned in the USA. This has the potential to save you a lot of money throughout your years in retirement.


If you want to retire to Europe, one of the best options is Portugal. It has long been a popular place for several reasons. It is an incredibly safe place to live, has incredible healthcare, a ton of vibrant communities, amazing beaches, and gorgeous scenery.

Another thing that makes Portugal so popular is the people. They are incredibly friendly, and always willing to offer a helping hand and greet you with a smile. Also, with English being commonly taught in the country, many people have at least some knowledge of the language, which can make this a more accessible place for many people to retire.

While it might be a little more expensive than other options (yet still relatively affordable), you get what you pay for. Portugal is a stunning place with a ton of history and a lot to do and see across the nation. No matter what you like and how you like to live, there is likely something for you in Portugal.

Costa Rica

A popular place for tourists, Costa Rica is also a wonderful nation to retire to. The healthcare there is incredible, and the cost of living is a fraction of what you may pay in other areas. The climate is tropical and whether you like beaches, rivers, or mountains, they can be found here.

There is a ton to do and see, and many ex-pats confirm that moving to the country has them leading a healthier lifestyle due to the amazing things to do, healthy food and a culture focused on the outdoors.

Also, Costa Rica is often called the “Switzerland of Central America”. It is a peaceful place, very forward-thinking when it comes to social issues, and committed to maintaining the beauty of its environment. Simply put, it has a ton going for it and we are shocked it is still so affordable.

While there are several amazing places to retire around the world, these are a few of the best for those looking for an incredible retirement.