Why Your Senior Living Community Website Needs More Landing Pages

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How many landing pages does your senior living community website have? Is it 10, 5, 1 or even none? Most online marketers understand the need for landing pages, but some just don’t have enough of them to generate significant lead generation. This is one area that most senior living and care agencies are falling short of when it comes to their online marketing efforts.

  • What Exactly is a Landing Page?

Here is where some people become confused. A landing page is a specific type of web page designed to capture a visitor’s contact information, in exchange for some offer. It could be something as simple as acquiring an email address in exchange for a free subscription to your monthly senior living newsletter. Or, it can be something more significant, like a $50 gift card to a local restaurant in exchange for scheduling a walk-through of your senior living community. In any event, it gives you the ability to continue marketing to your website visitor.

  • Don’t Create Missed Opportunities

There are far too many senior living and care agencies that are sending traffic from their search, social media and email marketing to their homepage. This creates many missed opportunities. When you are sending highly targeting traffic to your senior living website, you need a highly targeted and optimized landing page to generate a conversion event. For example, if you are running a Google AdWords PPC campaign advertising an exceptional senior lifestyle, what is the website visitor supposed to do when they reach your homepage?

  • Know What You Want a Website Visitor to Do

Knowing what you want a website visitor to do will make it easier for you to guide them to that outcome. A landing page will prompt them to complete the action that you want. Once you have their contact information and permission, you then have the power to market to them more directly with personalized messaging.

  • How Many Landing Pages Do You Need?

The answer is more is always better. According to a study shared by HubSpot, websites that increase the total number of landing pages to 10 or less receive no improvement with lead generation. However, those who increase the total number from 10 to 15 increase conversion rates by 55 percent. This increase in conversion rates spikes further when a website has 40 or more landing pages. Why? It’s because more landing pages mean more conversion opportunities, greater variety in the marketing messaging and enhanced targeting.