What to Do Before an Estate Sale

It’s tough to watch your parents get older. Role reversals can happen in the blink of an eye. For example, you may need to start taking care of your parents when you’re used to them taking care of you. One thing that can make the transition a little easier is moving your parents out of their home. Consider moving them into a nursing home if needed, or perhaps they could even live with you. Before you decide on either option, you must first move your parents out of their home. It’s a good idea to have an estate sale before this, because they’ll most likely need to get rid of a lot of stuff. This guide will tell you what to do before an estate sale so the process is less overwhelming.

Get Appraisals Beforehand

Everyone should get their items appraised before an estate sale. You need to have professionals look at your parents’ stuff before you decide if you want to sell it. For example, take all your mother’s antique jewelry to a professional jeweler. They can determine the value of the antique pieces. From there, you can decide whether you want to sell it to the experts, put it up for sale at the estate sale, or if you want to keep it yourself. It’s crucial to get things appraised, so you know how much everything is worth before the big day.

Set Minimum Prices

It’s essential to set minimum prices for every item at your estate sale. You need to be firm with your pricing. If you don’t, people will capitalize on your kindness and try to rip you off. Make sure every piece that’s up for sale is clearly marked. Also, ensure that all attendees know you have a minimum price in mind. Sure, it’s okay to negotiate. However, you can’t let items go for much less than they’re worth. Then, you won’t make any money—and it’s so important to have extra cash as your parents get older.

Advertise Your Estate Sale

You need people to show up to your estate sale. If no one comes, the whole thing is for nothing. For people to show up, you must advertise as much as possible. Post about the estate sale on social media. Ask your nieces and nephews to spread the word on their profiles, too. Also, make fliers to place around areas in the neighborhood. Hang them in your local libraries and tiny cafes. The more vocal you are about your estate sale, the more money you’ll make when it’s all said and done.

It’s hard to realize your parents need help. However, there comes a point when you must admit that it’s necessary. Holding an estate sale will help you finance the next point in their lives. You’ll need additional funds to help pay for care. So please, talk with your parents and see which of their items they will part with. Then, organize an estate sale so you all can begin to plan for this newest chapter in your lives.