What Are Accendo Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare is a reputable health program offered by the federal government to make medical services available and affordable to all. The program, however, works in conjunction with insurance companies which further improves the services patients can enjoy through plans such as the Medicare Supplement, also referred to as Medigap. The supplement plans cover the gaps original Medicare leaves, ensuring patients are more comprehensively covered when needing medical attention.

Accendo is an insurance company and one that is gaining popularity with Medigap. It is a subsidiary of Aetna insurance, under which most people are covered. It is a newer company but is gaining popularity rapidly because of combining unique product benefits with the impeccable reputation of Aetna. The Medigap benefits under the insurance company are very competitive and attractive to beneficiaries.

Accendo offers 12 standardized plans under Medigap across the country. The company offers the top supplement plans and a few basic plans. The policies under the company offer:

  • Rate guaranteed of twelve months for every plan
  • Competitive premium prices
  • No waiting period for pre-existing conditions
  • Reliable in-house customer service

Medicare Supplement plans under Accendo

Medicare supplement plans were created to bridge the gaps between Original Medicare coverage and beneficiary costs. The plans help safeguard your finances because the amount you will be required to pay from your pocket is greatly reduced.

Accendo is a relatively new insurance company and distributor of the popular Medigap plans, and so the top picks under it are Plan N and Plan G supplements. The carrier does not offer Plan F considering its high annual rates and the fact that it is slowly being phased out. If you are considering getting a policy under Accendo, familiarize yourself with Plans G and N and decide which way to go.

Accendo supplement Plan G 

Supplement Plan G remains among the most popular under Medigap, especially for new beneficiaries. This is because the plan offers comprehensive coverage to eligible members, including all out-of-pocket costs left by Original Medicare. The only cost this plan does not cover is the Part B deductible. With Accendo as your carrier, the benefits under Plan G remain the same. This is because the government standardizes the plan benefits across all health insurers. The plan prices, however, do change or differ by location and carrier.

Accendo supplement Plan N 

If what you are looking for is comprehensive medical coverage at low premiums, then the Medicare Supplement Plan N is what you need. It covers Part A deductible, coinsurance, 80% of foreign travel medical costs, and three pints of blood. It is important to remember that under this plan, you are responsible for Part B deductible and excess charges and copayments of up to $50. Excess charges do not apply to all states, and they become an issue when the doctor you have visited does not accept the Medicare assignment even in a state allowing the charges.

Accendo availability 

Accendo insurance company has a presence in 42 states in the US. It does not cover Maine, Minnesota, Hawaii, Alaska, Connecticut, Washington, Washington DC, and Massachusetts. Whereas this is the current situation, it could change at any given time as the insurance company continues to grow and expand. The company offers 14% household discounts for members living with other beneficiaries of Accendo Medigap plans in the same house. Both beneficiaries living together enjoy discounts on their monthly premiums every time.

However, if you live in North Dakota, the 14% discount does not apply, but you will get a 10% household discount. The discounts are also unavailable to those living in New Jersey, Florida, Idaho, and Vermont. It is also important to note that the discounts can change, and eligibility by state varies. The best you can do is talk with Accendo insurance to have all your concerns addressed before enrolling in the plans.

Accendo Medicare supplement plan reviews 

Accendo insurance company’s ratings as a carrier are high and impressive. Its financial strength is rated at A, and so is its issuer credit. Being an affiliate of Aetna, which has been offering good supplemental policies for Medicare for more than 50 years, Accendo passes the reliability test. The good reputation of Aetna puts Accendo in a very good place, and consumers are satisfied with the carrier even though it is new in the market.

The company has already gained a good reputation for paying claims efficiently and for its exceptional customer service. If you have been wondering if the company is a good choice as a Medicare carrier, you know you will be in safe hands getting a policy from the insurer.

Signing up for the Accendo Medicare supplement plan is easy for those in states with the company’s presence. Because the supplements are not designed to be permanent, you can always switch carriers, so joining Accendo should be easy for new enrollees and existing beneficiaries. Everyone is looking to gain more benefits at a reduced price, so if the carrier offers better rates than your current one, there should be no reason you can’t benefit. Accendo has licensed agents across the states, and you can find one near you to get more details and sign up for your desired policy.


A health care policy is of great importance for all, considering how expensive the services can be. And because there is no way you can predict what will happen to you in the future, it is good to have a cover in place even when in perfect health. Young people who start with insurance policies early stand to enjoy greater benefits, but even if you are a senior, it is never too late to enroll in a good plan. You will, in fact, find suitable policies to match the medical needs you might have.

Reviews for insurance companies and Medicare plans can be a good starting point for those enrolling as new beneficiaries. When you know exactly what every plan covers and does not cover or what premiums are offered by different companies for the different medical plans, you will be in a better position to make informed decisions bound to favor you in the end.