Ways to keep seniors safe using technology during the lockdown

This year has been a testing time for all of us. The majority of the countries are in lockdown for an unprecedented period. The schools and colleges have been closed, employees are working from home, and the global economy is going through its worst phase in a hundred years. Every person is bound to sit at home, and the most affected generation that is facing the worst impact of the pandemic is the older people. 

Firstly, they have been worst-hit by the pandemic due to the lack of immunity and issues of chronic illness. Secondly, even if they are fine sitting by the couch at the comfort of their home, it is often more difficult for them to manage the house and fend for themselves. It becomes more taxing since the growing age often leads to loss of memory. The loss of muscle mass and strength make them stroll and tire quickly.  It could be worrisome for the elders who are living alone in their residencies. As the situation is highly perturbing, it is essential to secure the house with an efficient home automation system to avoid inviting danger. Here are some tips that could help to make the residences more secure for senior citizens.

Peepholes & Doorbell Cameras

Peepholes are essential elements while designing a house. If it is not there, get it placed on the main door as it gives you an edge by checking on visitors without having to open the door. Similarly, you can also install wireless doorbells as they are equipped with a camera and alarm system. The technology requires you to download an application over the phone, and you can access your visitors even by sitting in the room. Get the best wireless doorbell with all the essential features and enjoy the perks.

Home Security

In-home systems are the most commonly used safety equipment that is often installed in the houses to have comprehensive and sound security. The latest and advanced in the market have alarm sounds that can be adjusted by the tunes and volume. Some of them also include burglar, fire, and carbon monoxide. The accuracy of raising the alarm helps to notify the concerned authorities, and the help can be accessed immediately. Also, the smart automation system allows you to keep an eye on the visitors even if you are sitting miles away from your loved ones.

Smart Lighting

Older adults often have less vision. Adequate lighting in every room is necessary to avoid possible accidents and dangers. It also helps in saving electricity as the smart lighting technology turns on immediately when someone enters a room and similarly goes off as soon as one leaves the room.

Smart Locks

Amidst the nation-wide lockdown, it is equally important to keep a check on the smart locks. No matter how well guarded and safe your neighborhood is, it is always quick to have a smart lock at your door. With advanced technology, older people would not have to worry about carrying a key or placing it in a safe place.

Keep a Phone Nearby

Living in a technology-driven era has its perks, especially in times like these where the only way to avoid social distancing is via phones. Despite every advanced device installed, a phone by the side is the best way to reach out in emergencies. If it is a smartphone, it can mingle well with the other devices installed as it can trigger an alarm for the home security device. 

Medical Alert System

Well, the system has not reached its epitome yet in the nation, the future seems bright for the latest addition in technology for senior citizens. A simple device with a push button to notify emergency personnel, it can be of great use to the older people living alone.

Thus, with the help of technology and by taking some preventive measures, we can assure the safety of senior citizens, and they can be self-reliant to live independently.