Unique Gift Ideas for Grandparents

While it might be fun for the grandkids to make grandma and grandpa a crafty gift, these special people would probably enjoy something else as well. While there are plenty of gift guides that include ornaments with pictures of the grandchildren and photo frames of family, there are countless other gifts you can buy for your aging loved ones. Some of them practical, some nostalgic, and some just for them. The important thing is to be thoughtful and look for ways to bless them at Christmas and any time of the year. 

Warm Blankets

Have you ever been cold and just needed a blanket nearby? Give warm blankets to the grandparents this year. Find something beautiful to go on the couch or something fun and unique that you customize with a picture of their pets or your kiddos. You can never have too many blankets and personalizing it adds that extra touch to make it a special gift.

Non-Slip Slippers

People really do love slippers. They keep your feet warm in the house in the winter and are easier to get on and off than a pair of socks. By getting them some non-stick ones, you’ll keep their feet warm and them safer. Balance issues increase as people age, and socks and slippery shoes can present a hazard to them. Non-slip socks and shoes are a useful and comfortable gift.

Their Favorite Fragrances

Do you have a favorite scent? Memories are triggered using all the senses. Whether it’s something you feel, see, taste, or smell, your mind can recover even the other oldest thoughts in an instant. Give the grandparents a bottle of Catherine Malandrino perfume, some Chanel No. 5, or even Romance by Ralph Lauren. Being thoughtful to give a gift they will enjoy is the most important part of choosing a fragrance. If you’re not sure of their tastes, sneak into their bathroom to see if they are almost out of one of their favorites.

DVDs of Their Favorite Old Shows and Movies

Do your parents reminisce about their favorite TV shows? Why not give them a boxed set of DVDs or one season on DVD? They’ll love how thoughtful it was that you got them a copy of Gone With the Wind, The Sound of Music, or old episodes of M.A.S.H. or Gilligan’s Island. Watching old shows can help solidify the memory as well as offer fun entertainment when they need it.

Tickets to an Event

Surprise the grandparents with tickets to a Broadway show or a sporting event. These aren’t things they may want to purchase for themselves, but they make an excellent gift. Maybe their origin story is that they met at a baseball game at a certain park. Get them tickets to that game and help them relive the beginning of their love.

A Trip Somewhere New

Retirement can be a restful time, but some retirees need to be more frugal with their funds. This means that some big trips are out of the question. If grandma and grandpa have always dreamed of a vacation to Paris or a trip to Hawaii, now is the time. Encourage the whole family to pitch in to give them the trip of their dreams. It’ll be so much better than a gift card to Applebee’s or an oven mitt with a dog on it.

Subscription Box

Is grandpa a cigar connoisseur and does grandma have a thing for creating art? Why not give them each a subscription box? These boxed sets are very popular, and there are literally thousands of options. While parents might be familiar with the STEM boxes, there are also countless options that would be perfect for the older folks in your life. Give grandma and grandpa something they will love and that they can use.

Meal Kits

Prepping food gets harder as you age. This means that many older people turn to convenience foods. They know it’s not the best for them, but when you have arthritis and limited mobility, prepping food becomes a challenge. Meal kits are the perfect solution. You can get all the ingredients you need to make a meal for two, plus the instructions all in one kit. These are perfect for the couple who wants to eat healthier but struggles to prep and cook everything. Meal kits reduce prep and cook time and provide delicious foods to try out.