Top Trending Options Boost Boomer Numbers

Every day, more than 10,000 “boomers” reach the age of 65. During this time, depending on their health, many seniors and their families begin thinking about assisted living communities. Although many seniors stay in their home longer, the demographic trends indicate that assisted living communities are truly inviting because they’ve listened to their clients and satisfied their needs.

The effort to attract and keep residents is at the forefront of assisted living providers. According to the recent Senior Living Survey conducted by The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), 93% of seniors are content and satisfied with their community. These results include 68% of residents who are “very satisfied.” The Senior Living Satisfaction Survey also found 99% of residents almost unanimously feel safe in their communities.

If It’s Important to Seniors, It’s Important to Us

Senior Living Survey Results

• Location: 56% name location as the most crucial factor when choosing a property
• Local accessibility to town: 75% of 65+ residents stated the importance of being close to a town center ranked high.
• Favorable press: 37% of 65+ respondents find the idea of living in an assisted living community a real option.
• Quality of life: 94% content with their overall quality of life because they feel safe.
• Personal independence: 93% appreciate their freedom, knowing help is nearby if needed.
• Seniors like the interaction with staff: 93% like the attention and personal relationship with staff members.
• Quality of care: 90% say they’re satisfied with the care they receive.
• Staff qualifications: 87% of seniors state that those working in their community are qualified and well trained for this type of job.

The marketing options you choose are critical. US citizens born between 1946 and 1964 add up to over six million baby boomers in need of housing capable of providing generation-specific requirements.

How to Attract and Keep Seniors in Your Assisted Living Community

Today’s senior demographic has much to say regarding the amenities and services they want in assisted living communities. The facility must provide unique, well-conceived services that are technologically current and user-friendly.

Tracking the Latest Food Trends

Many assisted living communities are indulging the gourmet preferences express by their clients. Adding exquisite cuisines and chefs make choosing your community effortless. Life is always more enjoyable when the food is fantastic. Also, seniors with dietary issues requiring gluten-free or vegan menus are relieved that their health concerns matter.

Physical and Mental Wellness

The seniors of today know how important it is to stay physically active and mentally alert. Baby boomers seeking to reside in an assisted living community expect spas, fitness centers, and heart-healthy activities.

Technology and Gadgets for Seniors

Providing the best experience for your residents results in more extended stays. Residents want the feeling of being home. Providing extra goodies like webcams, medication reminders, and user-friendly computer access always makes a person feel safe and sound. Additional amenities include:

• Fitbit for sleep tracking and step monitoring
• Walk-in Tubs
• Patient monitoring systems for monitoring heart rate, respiration rate, and activity level
• Auto swing door opener
• Amplifying headphones
• Hardware, software, and access via WI-FI or other suitable connection

Social networking is one of the best, most effective tools providers can use for reaching future residents and their children. The tried and true testimonial speaks volumes when posted as part of your “story.”