Top Technology Trends for Senior Living Facilities

“Technology trends” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the future of senior living communities. But as in almost every other industry, technological shifts both large and small will continue to impact senior and assisted living facilities.

Here are some of the top technologies impacting senior living facilities:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has many possible applications for technology in assisted living facilities. In combination with smart devices (see below), AI can provide remote monitoring of patients’ vital signs, predict and detect falls, provide automatic updates to loved ones, and reduce the time care providers spend on documentation and compliance paperwork.


The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized homes, businesses, and healthcare. A wide variety of “smart” devices can now be connected, monitored remotely, and updated on the fly. Managing connected devices securely and efficiently is key to using IoT in any healthcare facility, including senior living communities. Facilities need to consider their overall network and device management when choosing connected devices, and they need to prepare for a future involving more and more possibilities for connection.

Electronic Personal Health Records

Electronic personal health records (EHR) are becoming increasingly common across the healthcare industry, including in senior and assisted living facilities. Compared to paper records, EHR offers many benefits: more efficient communication, more accessible records, reduced errors. Facilities will need to consider the right software for their unique workflow and culture, and factor in the learning curve when introducing sophisticated new technology to staff.


Blockchain, a decentralized data management system, offers opportunities for the healthcare sector, including senior and assisted living facilities. Blockchain could help a facility manage data across several locations, maintain complex patient records, or coordinate insurance claims. Blockchain is still an emerging technology, and its potential for use in senior living communities has yet to be fully realized.

No matter how new technology shapes the future of senior living facilities, connection is still the key to thriving senior communities. Contact New LifeStyles today for more resources on senior care.