Top Regions to Relocate to in Retirement

As retirement looms on the horizon, most people are faced with the reality that they have just not been able to save enough throughout their working lives to retire in a financially secure position. If you are like an ordinary citizen nearing retirement, your nest egg will likely fall short of the ideal needed to retire without financial constraints. And even though you can sometimes find work in retirement, you’ll also need to consider your restrictions.

With all the practical possibilities and alternatives that could provide you with a comfortable retirement zooming around in your mind, consider using your savings to move out of the country.

You can also save money in other ways, like relocating at the right time to reduce travel costs, purchasing travel insurance for seniors, and moving with less.

With that said, here are some top destinations to consider.


If you like the idea of island exploration, Croatia is an excellent choice for retirement. You can choose to rent or purchase property as a home base on the coast of Pula or Rovinj, for example.

An apartment can be rented for $300, and buying a small apartment will only set you back around $70,000. This is very affordable and will mean that you can keep a lot of your retirement benefits in reserve.


As a retirement spot, Bolivia ticks all the boxes. Boasting some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes in South America, Bolivia also has a meager cost of living. You can work for around $1000 per month, being sufficient to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Apart from having to learn a bit of Spanish to communicate with the locals, you will have found a great place to consider retiring, even if your funds are lower than they could be.

There are growing retirement communities around towns like La Paz, Torija, and Santa Cruz, to name but a few, whose members will be more than happy to help you settle in and show you the ropes.

As it is always best to be aware of the benefits of health insurance, please note that Bolivia does not have public healthcare, but the meager cost of living means that you will have funds available in your retirement kitty to consider private healthcare.


Belize is ideal for retirees on a budget. Well known for its incredible beaches and nature, Belize is cost-effective and would make for a peaceful retirement in beautiful surroundings.

The local population speaks English and Spanish, so there will be no language barriers. At an average rental of $700 per month, this country has very affordable accommodation available. Still, it must be borne in mind that there is a higher crime rate in areas such as Belize City and some of the more outlying areas, so when looking for rentals, the area is essential.

There is one other point that must be taken into consideration. If you need advanced health care at any stage in your retirement, you might have to travel to neighboring Mexico or Nicaragua, which has better treatment options.


Enjoy the architecture and stunning scenery? Consider Vietnam as your ideal retirement home. Savor the local cuisine that will have you enjoying many meals to come. You will find that both the coastal and inland cities of Vietnam have reasonable rentals and will ensure that you can live off your savings for a long while. The climate is mild, and retirement is mainly stress-free.

Of course, learning to speak Vietnamese is no mean feat, but once you have mastered this, your communication with others will be smooth and will not require the assistance of any of the bilingual ex-patriots.


With many American tourists visiting annually, it is not surprising to find that Ecuador is a favorite destination amongst American retirees. Ecuador prides itself on the upkeep of its heritage sites and nature spots throughout all its cities, and you will find plenty to see and do in every town before choosing where to settle down. At a very reasonable rental of around $400 per month for the smaller rentals, you will be spoilt for choice when looking for accommodation.

It will likely not take you very long to determine which area you would like to settle down in. Once you have decided, visit the Ecuadorian consulate in America and apply for a retirement residency visa.

It is at this stage that you will need to show some documentation to prove that you can draw an income of about $800 a month from your retirement annuity fund and that you can also afford to pay for a monthly health insurance premium.


It is fantastic that Ireland can offer such cost-effective accommodation as this country is a firm favorite of retirees due to its magnificent castles and rich heritage, as well as welcoming guests to Ireland are made to feel by the warm, friendly, and affable populace.

Having a retirement home in Ireland means that you are just a hop, skip, and jump away from the U.K. and countries and cities in Europe. There are more pricey locations in Ireland that you may want to avoid, so stick to looking for a permanent home in the more affordable County Mayo and Roscommon areas, for example. In these locations, you are looking at spending around $100,000 on purchasing a retirement home.