Tips to Start Using Social Media for Your Retirement Community

You have decided that you are ready to get started on social media marketing. You want your retirement community to get noticed and hopefully bring in a few more residents. You also want to help families stay connected, even though they are separated by distance.

Social Media ImageUnsure of getting started? Here are some tips to help.

Choose one or two platforms to get started. Most marketers recommend starting with Facebook and Twitter, though there are many others to choose from, depending on your angle. However, the important part is to choose one or two and become active on them. Once you

have the hang of them, you can branch out to others. If you try to join too many at once, you will burn out trying to keep up with all of them.

Don’t forget to respond to any comments and messages. If you are on Twitter, thank your followers for any retweets that you get. This really puts you ahead of your competition because most don’t follow through.

Really show your followers that you care. Answer questions that they have. Thank them for any reviews that they give. If they need some assistance, do what you can to help. These people will remember you when they need something.

Come up with a marketing schedule and stick to it. Decide how often you want to post. Aim for at least one or two times a day, though if you have time, more would be better. Look through the calendar. Are there events and holidays that you want to emphasize in your marketing? Do you want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas on that day? Schedule posts and tweets about the holidays through the entire month of December?

Do you have a bingo night coming up? You can post weekly to remind your residents about the event, plus you can post bingo tips and much more. You can do the same with almost any event that may be in your calendar. You can even post summer and winter tips during those months. The choices are endless.

Getting started with social media can be very intimidating. While you may want to join every site, that is never a good idea. Stick with one or two until you get the hang of it and then add another one. Then, make sure that you come up with a marketing campaign and stick to it. The more often that you post (relevant things), the better off your business will be.