Tips for Seniors Going Through a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The elderly are especially at risk of getting severely wounded after a bad personal injury because they tend to have more frail bones. When you are dealing with a personal injury case, you should let your family members know so that they can support you through your crisis. Another person to rely on is a supportive attorney who can represent you during this difficult time. Personal injury attorneys are on your side and will fight for your right to receive maximum compensation for your injuries using the evidence surrounding your case. They investigate to find out if the other party can be held liable before taking action. Instead of a lawsuit, they will first pursue a settlement on your behalf before taking your case to court. Here are some tips that will help you while initiating your personal injury claim:

Seek Medical Help Immediately

After you’ve been injured, you shouldn’t delay medical treatment. You must undergo an imaging scan and physical so that you are aware of all of your injuries. The doctor can identify any hidden wounds, such as soft tissue injuries that may not appear at first. Seniors often suffer from hip fractures due to fragile bones, which can be life-threatening. Once you know what your injuries are, you can inform your attorney.

Don’t Accept Settlements without First Speaking to an Attorney.

The other party and their insurance companies may often try to reduce your compensation and encourage you to settle for less. This saves them money and prevents them from seeking additional compensation because of the agreement to accept a settlement. You should avoid doing this and not agree to anything, especially if they call you over the phone. Have your attorney speak to them on your behalf. Your attorney needs to estimate your damages first to give you an accurate estimate before negotiating with the other party.


Have a Family Member Take Pictures for You

Photographic and physical evidence is a key part of your personal injury claim. If you could not take pictures of your wounds, have a family member do this for you. It can be difficult for you to perform this on your own when you are severely injured. Let your family members take pictures of the area you were injured in and also any other evidence that ties into your case.


Speak to Your Health Insurance Company

Your health insurance coverage may be able to help pay for some of your medical bills while you are waiting to be compensated for your damages. Speak to your health insurance company and let them know that you recently experienced a personal injury. Your initial medical expenses may be covered by your health insurance policy.


Don’t Post Your Injuries or Talk About It on Social Media

Make sure you aren’t mentioning what is happening to you on social media so that the other party doesn’t use this information against you. Keep your injuries private and between you and your family members.


Find Out More Information from an Attorney

Have your attorney review your claim and estimate your damages for you. They can provide guidance and direct you through the next steps of your personal injury claim. Your attorney will help you receive full compensation if you are not at fault for your injuries.