Tips for Moving Your Dog to an Assisted Living Facility

You don’t need to give up your canine companion when you move into an assisted living facility. Keep your dog by your side as you care for your own health by moving out of your home and into an assisted living option that allows you to maintain your independence. While you’ll still need to take the same precautions with your pup that you would moving anywhere else, there are also some extra tips for moving your dog to an assisted living facility.

Before You Choose an Option: Check If It’s Pet Friendly

Sadly, not every assisted living option for seniors will be a pet-friendly one. Before you begin finalizing your big move, check to make sure that it’s a pet-friendly assisted living facility. Whether you’re living in a large building with other seniors or a quaint home, the care services may have rules against pets or restrictions on certain kinds of pets.

Read the fine print of their rules before deciding to live there. Call the facility if you have any concerns or questions about your dog’s residency.

Have Someone Care for the Dog During the Move

Dogs tend to stress out when they notice a big change is on the way. Stressed dogs may bolt out the door while you and your family move boxes and furniture out of the home. Avoid the chaos of a chase by finding somewhere for your dog to stay during the busiest parts of the move.

Your family may normally take care of the dog for you, but if they’re helping you move, then they may not be an option. Consider researching local boarding services and giving your pup a vacation at the local doggy hotel.

Slowly Introduce Your Dog to Their New Environment

Adjusting to life in assisted care is a slow process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Introduce your dog to your new caretakers with treats. Your new assistants may enjoy meeting your dog and providing treats whenever they visit you.

Keep a reminder of your old home out for your dog—if they had a favorite bed or if they liked their kennel, keep it somewhere so they can have a safe space. The right tips for moving your dog to an assisted living facility are different for every dog. Some dogs adjust instantly to their new home with new people to meet, while others may feel anxious. Be patient with them and provide them with plenty of love, walks, and treats.