Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Community

It is estimated that around 1 million Americans aged 65 years or older live in assisted living homes. While this is a common option for many families, this decision doesn’t come easily for all families. Moving your loved ones to an assisted living home is a challenge. In addition, determining when to make this transition is a tough decision too. However, you have to make this critical decision when this time comes. First, you have to evaluate different facilities to decide the most suitable for your loved one. It is essential to know that your loved one is adequately cared for. When choosing a senior care facility, your decision will be determined by things like your loved one’s personality, lifestyle, whether they suffer from any medical condition, etc.

  • Location

Location is a significant aspect when choosing a senior care facility. Your main objective should be to move your loved one to a facility within the local area. This way, they won’t feel like they have been neglected. When the senior home is within your location, you can visit them as often as possible. However, different states have different laws. For example, some states limit how much medical assistance facilities can offer. Therefore, if your senior requires a significant amount of health care, you may not be the right candidate if you live in those states. However, if your elderly person is independent and doesn’t need any special care, then such limitations won’t affect you in any way.

  • Pay Attention to Details

It is crucial to consider cleanliness, curb appeal, and, where applicable, the design details of that particular facility. The facility you choose will be your loved one’s new home. Otherwise, you have to ensure that the facility is well maintained, clean and safe for the elderly. A good facility should enrich your elderly’s mental and physical well-being. Visit and observe the facility’s entryways, outdoor areas, and how the staff relates to senior residents. Also, check the following:

  • Accessibility features, including elevators, chairlifts, widened doors, and even wheelchair ramps.
  • Safety features like grab bars, handrails, zero—threshold showers
  • Also, consider the décor elements, including comfortable furniture, uplifting decorating colors, and whether the seniors can interact.
  • Check the cleanliness and upkeep in the common spaces and the facility surrounding them.
  • A suitable facility has lounge spaces, dining rooms, and event halls to encourage seniors to meet.

These are essential points to consider which will positively contribute to the comfort of your loved ones.

  • Qualified Caregivers

It is essential to know the caregivers offering your loved one support. Always choose a team that has your loved one’s interest at heart. The team should take good care of the elderly and make them feel welcomed and at home. The staff at a senior care facility is a vital asset. Visit and monitor the one-on-one interactions between the senior residents and the employees.

Qualified staff should be friendly, compassionate, and extremely patient. They should have professional training and be accredited to work in a senior care facility.


When you are sure that the community is the right place for your loved one, you can mark the occasion by buying them a special gift, such as a unique pendant designed by MoissaniteCo, to show them that you still care for them. This thoughtful gesture will remind them that you’re still together and that you hold them dearly in your heart.