The Power of a Familiar Face

The mind is such a powerful thing. Realizing that you may not have complete control over your mind and memories is enough to breed many

insecurities and fear.  Lack of control in your own mind is a betrayal of sorts. It often leads to the fight or flight response when the person is around anything unexpected or unfamiliar.

This can often create many challenges from clients in an adult daycare setting.

Never underestimate the power of the mind.  Our self identity is formed within our mind.  When tiny pieces of it start to betray us it becomes very scary, uncharted territory.  When pieces of our identity seem to fade inside of our own mind the outcome can come unpredictable.  Feelings and actions can then come unpredictable.

Something as simple as a photo of a loved one may bring some much needed comfort and security.  Their time away from home does not have to be unfamiliar.  Bring their world to them.  Recorded messages from their loved ones, photos, familiar songs, and home movies are all good ways to bring their comfort with them.

Visual aids will be one of the best tools you can use to communicate with your clients.  Even something as simple as having pictures of the drink options to point to instead of having to find the right words to reply verbally can help boost confidence.  

Make scrapbooks with the clients picture on the cover.  Fill it with pictures and messages from loved ones. 

A great program to start is family mail.  Each week send your client home with a few postcards.  Have their caregivers write a message and mail it back.  Stimulating the sense of love, and memory, and comfort are great pathways to unlocking the door to the comforts of home.  

Never underestimate the power of the mind, or a familiar face.