The Best Ways to Avoid Getting Sick this Winter

Winter comes with a lot of baggage, which includes potentially getting sick. However, due to so many work and holiday obligations, getting sick this time of year can cause some massive headaches. To remain healthy, try some of these ways to avoid getting sick in the winter.

Use a Humidifier

Wintertime usually means you will be spending more time indoors than out, especially if you live in a cold climate. However, the air in your home can be harmful to you if it’s too dry—it can not only make you sick, but it can cause nosebleeds too. If you do find yourself getting them frequently, follow the proper steps to stop a nosebleed. Make sure that the air in your home isn’t dry by using a humidifier; this will circumvent the issue altogether. For many humidifiers, all you must do is fill it up with warm water and add a little bit of salt to give your room the right moisture amount.

Stay Active

Staying active by getting a good amount of exercise every week comes with many benefits. One of them is reducing the chance of getting sick. Make sure, however, that you wipe down exercise equipment when you are finished using it—especially if you are in a public setting.

Take Vitamin D

Another way to avoid getting sick in the winter is to take vitamin D. Sunlight is key to good health because of all the nutrients it emits, but that can be difficult to get in the winter. However, taking vitamin D everyday can give you the nutrients from the sun and also lessen your chances of getting sick.

Wash Your Hands

You knew this was coming; washing your hands is the easiest way to avoid any sickness. Wash your hands often, especially in cases when you are finished going to the bathroom, eating, and working out. It also isn’t a bad idea to use disinfecting wipes on your phone, computer, and other items you use frequently.

Use these 4 tips for yourself and those you care for to help stay healthy this holiday season!