The Benefits of Being Part of a Senior Living Community


While the thought of entering a senior living community, or sending a loved one to live anywhere but their family home, can be a daunting one, it’s important to realize that there are so many choices to make – and a multitude of benefits, and positive experiences, to be found at each.

Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

There are numerous kinds of senior living communities and care facilities available, and all of them offer something different in terms of the services available; independent living communities, for example, enable residents to live comfortably without any obvious intervention, while assisted living facilities encourage seniors to pursue their interests in a safe and nurturing environment, in which individual needs are met. Other types of community include residential care and nursing homes, which provide for those with long-term medical needs, and respite communities that support seniors on a short-term basis.

Though each of these options offer a different type and level of care to residents, each promises overwhelmingly positive experiences for those choosing to live there; from companionship and the opportunity to try something new, to improved nutrition and a reduced risk of depression that may otherwise be precipitated by isolation and boredom; senior living communities have so much to give.

Exploring the Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Although you may already be sold on the idea of life within a senior living community, whether it’s for yourself or a beloved member of your family, there are numerous benefits to be explored prior to making that final decision. The opportunity to join a senior living community is one to be embraced for so many reasons:

  • The Opportunity to Join a Community

The most obvious benefit of relocating to a specialist facility such as those we’ve discussed is the opportunity to join a friendly community; the chance to become a part of a dynamic group of people who no doubt share your outlook on life, or are willing to inspire you with tales of their lives prior to you coming together. Senior living communities introduce companionship and the many advantages of peer-to-peer support, create a sense of safety, and enable residents to rediscover themselves and what it is they love to do, without the pressure of living alone and having to rely on others.

  • An Introduction to Faith or Spirituality

In addition to this opportunity to play an active role within a dynamic community comes the benefit of community spirit, which is often explored via worship, life enriching programs, and sessions in spirituality and faith; residents are able to venture towards elements of faith they may never have considered before, and embark upon a journey that may have seemed so out of reach while they were living independently. Fellowship, such as that offered by The Way International, lies at the heart of so many senior living communities, inspiring residents to explore concepts in more detail, and to embrace their faiths in different ways. The roots of the organization’s fellowship can be found in The Way magazine, which acts as a companion to many of the lessons that can be learned.

  • A Dynamic Array of Activities

Senior living communities aren’t just places to exist when you’re no longer able to take care of yourself at home, but centers at which residents enjoy a new lease of life, and are able to try activities they may never have considered before. While bingo, games evenings, visits from performers, and day trips are often the most popular recreational activities provided, others may include planned fitness programs, wellness sessions such as yoga, dancing and music, and brain-boosting games such as quizzes and puzzles. Activities are offered on a daily and weekly basis, and residents can choose to participate in as little or as much as they wish; the emphasis is on enrichment, health and well-being, and social interactions, as well as fun.

  • A Stress-Free Lifestyle

One of the main reasons for a senior citizen leaving their home and entering an independent or assisted living community is that they’ve found they’re no longer able to keep up with their chores at home, or that they’re finding everyday tasks more difficult than they should; if you’re exploring the potential of such a community, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, then you’re likely to be looking for reassurance that life will continue as normal, but with a little assistance whenever it’s needed.

There’s strong evidence to suggest that social seniors are happier and healthier than those choosing the path of utter independence, and it’s certainly true that such a way of life removes many of the pressures that would otherwise dominate your life. Senior living communities offer safe facilities with an emphasis on security, and banish many responsibilities without removing a sense of independence, e.g., keen gardeners could still tend a plot, yet they won’t be solely responsible for undertaking the hard work.

A move into a senior living community is never a move away from independence or a sense of self, but towards an extended family of people with whom you, or your family member, can share a new set of experiences, and a chance of adventure when you least expect it. With so many types of assisted living available, and numerous venues to choose from, there is no reason why your life shouldn’t begin all over again from the moment you enter.