The Advantages of Installing a Stairlift in Your Home

Staircases can be highly inconvenient and painful for many of us. Imagine the pain an older person has to go through every time they have to climb a flight of stairs – particularly if the individual is suffering from any physical conditions. This not only makes life difficult but also significantly reduces their confidence. Thus, installing a stairlift can be incredibly beneficial for someone suffering from an injury or is not well enough to climb up and down a flight of stairs – often multiple times a day. The purpose of this article is to elaborately describe some benefits of installing a stairlift at home.

What Is a Stairlift?

A stairlift is a mechanical device that performs the task of lifting people up or down the staircase. This device is primarily used in hospitals and certain households with members who have difficulty maneuvering through flights of stairs – mainly due to disabilities or illnesses of some kind. A rail is mounted on the staircase’s treads, and a chair is attached to it.

Anyone willing to use the stairlift simply needs to sit on the platform or seat and be amazed while the chair gently moves to the other end of the staircase. It is a remarkable piece of equipment as it effectively solves one of the most painful conditions in the lives of innumerable people around the world.

Stairlifts are called by many names, with the most popular ones being chair lifts and stair gliders. They do not cost a ton of money, considering the benefit you will be getting from them for years to come. Many potential users wonder: are stairlifts tax deductible? The answer is yes, in case you are in the stairlift market for medical reasons. But, you would need medical documentation to prove this, but once you do, the entire cost – including the purchase value and further expenses for maintenance – can be written off from your tax amounts.

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Stairlift to Your Home?

Now that you know what a stairlift is, let us take a look at some benefits of using one.

Independence Is Restored

Many people start to develop a sense of self-pity once they realize they are unable to access the upper floors or the basement of their house due to certain physical conditions. It is an awful feeling having to take assistance from a family member or a friend every time you need to move up a flight of stairs. A stairlift completely solves this problem. The quality of life that the sufferer deserves is properly restored – something that is priceless.

Safety Is Ensured

Stairlifts ensure that the user does not get into any accidents by trying to maneuver across a flight of stairs without any help. This is the most important factor of all in terms of physical safety. Stairs are the most difficult locations to pass through in a house. This proves why most household accidents occur on or near a staircase. Slipping and falling on the stairs is significantly more dangerous than experiencing the same on a flat surface.

Broken hips, fractured legs, and bruised arms are some of the most common aftermaths of accidents on staircases. Using a stairlift greatly reduces the probability of such dangers. Many believe using one essentially eliminates the chances of the person spending time exercising every day. Know that adding a stairlift does not force anyone to keep using them and forget other ways. Many local gyms offer highly controlled exercising options for the elderly, and there are many other similar alternatives, like yoga, that can be taken into consideration.

Money Is Saved

The elderly, unfortunately, do not have a lot of options when it comes to spending the final years of their lives. Frequent illness, weakened bodily functions, and the necessity for assistance begin to overwhelm almost any elderly. Under such circumstances, many of them go on to live in an assisted living facility.

Living in an assisted living home is nowhere as comfortable and convenient as their own homes. Using a stairlift will ensure that they get to stay at their house, as the device serves as the main assistant whenever someone is required to climb up or down the stairs. Many people simply do not want to sell and leave the homes they had lived in for decades, and quite rightfully so.

While there are many ways of tackling this problem, like renovating the interior, moving into a new home, or installing an elevator, the expenses do skyrocket if any of these methods are adopted. Getting a stairlift is, evidently, cheaper than all of them.

Customizations Can Be Done

Stairlifts do not come in standard sizes. They are manufactured and customized based on one’s needs. Several extra functions can be added to the system if the user desires and is ready to pay for those. Once the order is placed, an expert would visit the house and take measurements of the entire staircase, as well as make notes of the added features that the user wishes to have on the device. Even design and color ideas can be pitched to the expert.

The overall installation process – no matter how complex the staircase is – does not usually take more than a day. Thus, users can stand at the location throughout the process and make sure everything is being done right. Chance is, you can chip in with a few last-minute suggestions while at it.

Final Words

Family members of seniors commonly experience issues like having to assist them to move around – especially through a flight of stairs. This is an almighty struggle for both entities and is not particularly safe in comparison to a device, like a stairlift, that is totally dedicated to one task and one task only: carrying the passenger up or down the staircase. We believe you are now fully aware of the many benefits of adding a stairlift to your household. Make sure you make the right decision and make the lives of your elder family members worthwhile.