Sustainable Adult Day Care is the Future

Research shows that as of 2015, the world’s geriatric population consisted of around 617 million people, roughly 8.5 % of the total population. This number is projected to grow to 1.6 billion people by the year 2050. This growth is driven by the increasing aging population, medical expenditures and increased affordability. With so much growth within the market place, adult day care providers can keep up with the demand and lower costs by making simple adjustments to their facilities to make them more sustainable and patient-friendly.

Simple Changes, Big Results

As the times change, the millennial demographic has demonstrated that sustainability matters to them. All kinds of businesses are accommodating that sensibility by making simple changes whether it be using more eco-friendly products, non-toxic materials or changing the way their facilities are being constructed with larger windows for natural light, better ventilation, water-saving fixtures and solar panels to store and apply power. Adult day care facilities will not only gain more business by applying these changes, they will lower their increasing operating costs as well. Sustainable, eco-friendly centers will create a clean atmosphere that makes millennials feel secure in leaving their parents in the center’s care.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

Simply put, everyone likes being outside, even the elderly. Providing a small community garden is a great spot for care receivers to gather and socialize. It provides them with a new hobby while getting fresh air and finding a new purpose. They feel a sense of pride when the vegetables they helped cultivate are able to be used for meals within the center. Having garden paths and walkways are great features for adult care centers to implement because it makes the facility more beautiful and provides a natural resource for the residents and staff to get exercise and sunshine. Transportation services are also a great feature for adult day care centers to have because it eases the burden for the caregivers while also being an environmental-friendly option.

Small Changes, Great Place

These minor changes will help lower costs while bringing in more business. The best part is that they reinforce the overall goals of the centers, to provide a safe and clean environment for elderly patients to socialize, receive health care and find recreation and companionship.