Special Diets for Seniors

Food is an important part of our health. It’s also something individuals need to pay closer attention to as they get older. The following are various healthy diets for seniors to consider:

Gluten Free Diet

One diet that you should consider is a gluten-free diet. Many seniors develop Celiac disease, which causes the body to react negatively to gluten. This can be found in wheat products; gluten is not a bad thing, but if you develop celiac disease, your body will see gluten as a threat. It will fight it, causing damage to your small intestine. You would think that a dietary change like this would be dramatic, but it isn’t. You can include many foods you already eat, like gluten free granola with yogurt.

The Paleo Diet

Another popular diet that seniors can try is the paleo diet, which asks you to eliminate grains and eat pastured-raised meats. A person following the paleo diet is also going to have to eat meat nose-to-tail, which means eating organ meats. The diet asks you to eat leafy greens and other vegetables as well. Opting for all-natural and organic means these foods should contain more vitamins and minerals. The bio-availability of minerals and vitamins in these foods makes this diet good for seniors. You’ll notice that sugars are significantly reduced, which should protect you from diabetes or diabetic issues.

Vegan or Vegetarian Diet

The vegan or vegetarian diet is another one worth exploring. Seniors who follow this diet may not develop issues like high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease. The vegan or vegetarian diet won’t have the protein meat offers, so you are going to have to substitute it with alternatives. This means eating things like lentils or quinoa, which are rich in protein.

The Raw Diet

Most people cook their vegetables and other food items, but the raw diet requires you to eat stuff in its raw form. This is a popular diet among people, and the reason it’s popular is simply that you’ll be eating things as close to nature as possible. The nutrients in these items are going to be ready for your body to absorb much faster than if the items were cooked. Another reason why some people may like this diet is that it helps improve digestion, which can be a problem for some seniors.

The Whole Foods Diet

The whole foods diet is another popular diet that many people are starting to use to fight obesity and lower the risk of heart problems. The whole foods diet asks you to avoid heavily processed foods, such as frozen dinners or foods with additives, such as white sugar or high fructose corn syrup. You are also going to have to stay away from heavily processed white flour that is in many foods you find in stores. Focus on fresh foods, which you can get if you shop at farmer’s markets. You can also get fresh food at local farms.

These are just some diets available to you. Consider trying some or a combination of them because they all have their benefits to offer you and your health.