Social Media — Where Is My Target Demographic?

social media image

With the decline of television viewing, and the rise of internet use and social media, it may be time to redistribute advertising budgets in a way that will reach modern audiences. But the choices are endless, and there are so many outlets, each with its own ‘personality’ and dominant demographic. For retirement living and care homes, advertising should be directed at the right age group: those who might be interested in those services, and the adult children who might be making decisions on their behalf, or in conjunction with them, as part of a long term care plan. Studying the patterns of specific social media use can target advertising budgets more efficiently.

Facebook Is First

For sheer numbers, Facebook is a key player, at just over 2 billion users in 2018. By reputation, and by statistics, it tends toward an older user base, with the 25 – 34 group at 29.7%. As younger people have moved away from Facebook, seniors have embraced it as a way to connect with distant family and friends. Founded in 2004, it is also one of the oldest social media platforms, and therefore more ubiquitous in a more mature group. Facilities can build their own pages here, and form groups to help people connect at a time of life that can prove isolating.

Twitter For News Bites

The brevity of Twitter, with each ‘tweet’, or message, limited to 280 characters, is part of its charm. The immediate availability of news as it happens helps keep seniors abreast of news and helps them feel more engaged with their community and the world. Facilities can create a Twitter profile that might include photographs and positive messages from current residents and staff about the amenities and activities that are ongoing. Though Twitter’s users skew a little younger, it is on the rise among the elderly, and may reach a more tech savvy audience willing to ‘tweet’ their gratitude and appreciation for all the things a facility has made available to them.

Social media is huge, and still growing. It has become necessary to embrace these sites and take advantage of all they have to offer. With careful study, advertising dollars can be directed to the most appropriate viewers, to make the most of even the tightest budget.