SEO Best Practices for Senior Care Providers



As a senior care provider, you take pride in the care you offer to all of your clients. Reaching those clients, however, provides a unique challenge. When you create content, you must create content that is aimed at both seniors and the adult children who are helping to make the decisions about their care. By paying attention to the best practices in SEO for senior care providers, you can improve your ability to reach both sides of the potential customer coin.

Best Practice #1: Create High-Quality Content

The most important aspect of SEO is creating high-quality content that your visitors actually want to read. That means focusing on more than just advertising through your blog! A great post offers genuine value to either the seniors who are looking into your care options or the adult children who are seeking options for their parents.

Best Practice #2: Focus Local

As a senior care provider, you’re looking for seniors within your specific area who are in need of care, not people who are halfway across the country. When you get visitors to your site, you want them to be visitors who are in your geographic area and therefore can turn to you for their care needs. Focus on increasing your local SEO efforts to help bring in visitors who are more likely to use your services.

Best Practice #3: Keep Up with Keyword Research

What information are seniors and their adult children searching for concerning your industry? Take a look at the keywords that are most important to your business. Are they searching for “hospice” or “in-home care” most often? Do adult children want to know how to decide what type of care their senior loved ones need, or are they searching for information about how to choose the best provider? Keyword research will give you deeper insights into the minds of your potential customers.

Best Practice #4: Pay Attention to Competitors

You should never be ignorant of the blog posts and other content your competitors are posting. While you don’t want to duplicate it, keep an eye on their strategies. What are they offering that you aren’t? What types of content are highly successful for them? Utilizing those strategies can have benefits for you, too.

Building SEO for your senior care business is an ongoing effort. By utilizing these key practices, you can improve your search ranking and increase your success with your customers.

Check back next week for tips to improve your website’s Local SEO.