Seniors Want Their Activities to be Real ‘Active-ities’

Senior Activities

Seniors like being active. Staying in a room doing nothing, or just watching TV, gets dull for anyone. For some, it feels like being grounded by their parents. Take initiative and get the ball rolling on your planner. Some activities you might like to consider are:

  • Karaoke – music has a way of getting people together to laugh with. It doesn’t matter how bad or how good they are at singing, it’s the good-natured feeling of getting together and having fun that matters.
  • Bridge Night! – There’s nothing better than just a hint of competition.  A great card game gets the energy and anticipation building; and the more people the merrier. Of course, any card game will do, but the idea is to get as many involved as possible.
  • BINGO – Almost everyone likes BINGO. Instead of giving cash, give rewards!  Recognition in the monthly newsletter. Throw a small party for the winner serving their favorite food. Imagination is your only limitation.
  • Line Dancing, Walker Line Dancing, and Chair Line Dancing – Who doesn’t like to dance? Some great music, and live action gets the blood pumping and laughter ringing from the fun.
  • Dinner and Entertainment – Find a small local band that is familiar with old country flavor. During the late fall and winter months, often times bands are in downtime. Some bands will also come just for an opportunity for charity, only needing a small word for recognition.  Having a nice dinner, with some tasteful entertainment allows opportunity for your patrons to enjoy themselves.

As your planning your activities for your senior home, keep in mind that seniors grew up in a time where being idle was not popular. Therefore, ask them if they’d like to participate in the planning or setting-up of the activity. Also, remember that each of those involved tend to get enthusiastic about being a part of something they’re doing for their friends. They are an excellent source to share their enthusiasm with everyone they meet, thereby helping with your marketing the event.

Have a purpose or theme for each activity and let that purpose motivate the attendance of the community. Ensure you plan the event in your social media pages where you build the anticipation.

For example, one of your activities may be in part of a charity function such as painting ornaments for a Christmas tree for the local children’s hospital.

Another example gives back to the community. A purpose of helping one of the community members who’s had a difficult time recently. A community loves to get together to help one of their own.

After each event, post online or in the community newsletter how much fun it was. Submit pictures to keep memories and the feeling of camaraderie safe. This will help everyone in the community look forward to the next activity.

Which activities do your residents enjoy most?

Remember to share any events open to the public with us so we can add them to our calendar.