Seniors Skyrocket as Social Media’s Exponential Audience

Marketing to the senior living market via social media puts you directly in front of approximately 40 million US citizens at any given time. There are currently millions of seniors who comprise the exponentially growing demographics online this minute; chatting, searching for products, and seeking services you have to offer. Today’s technology makes marketing to this lucrative group of individuals easier than ever. The research is complete and the numbers are in. Your senior audience is online and waiting to hear from you.

The Senior Living Market: Ready, Willing, and “Online”

The Pew Research Center is known for its extensive research and fact recording regarding social media users and usage for over 10 years. Business News Daily referred to Pew’s research to gain information about the senior demographic currently using social platforms. Their quest led them to marketing professionals where they learned how successful their campaigns were when engaging older audiences on social media.

Savvy Social Media Tips

Formulating a comprehensive social media campaign requires a strategic plan designed to achieve your overall goal. In this case, your objective is to market your senior living community. Start by reaching out to both seniors and their adult children who may be actively involved in the various social media sites, or, searching for specific information.

Seniors on Facebook

According to the marketers contacted by Business News Daily, “Facebook is the most successful platform for marketing to a senior demographic. According to Pew, 62 percent of internet users ages 65 and older use Facebook, and 72 percent of 50 to 64-year-olds use Facebook as well. Facebook continues to have the highest number of users in these age ranges.”

Every small business should be on Facebook. With more than 2.27 billion monthly users, small businesses can use Facebook in a number of ways including:

  • Promote services
  • Increase customer support
  • Boost recognition

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook encourages reviews and has an on-page review system that showcases honest reviews from current employees, senior residents, and families. The public is accustomed to and impressed by reading reviews and testimonials backed up by a personal profile.

To learn more about developing successful marketing strategies on Facebook, click this link supplied by Business News Daily: Facebook: Everything You Need to Know.


Seniors love being online. But according to Pew, there are fewer seniors using LinkedIn. The following demographics could be useful in marketing to the more affluent children of seniors who’re concerned with future housing and care needed for a loved one. The LinkedIn site is a great way to reach 30 to 49-year-olds rather than individuals 50-and-older.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Company Pages that are complete receive double the visitors. Companies that put up monthly posts usually gain followers up to six times faster than those that don’t. For more information on setting up your LinkedIn page go to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions portal and click the blue Create a Company Page button.


Many seniors look forward to “sharing” their past and present experiences using Pinterest as they can connect with like-minded communities. The Pinterest platform is totally visual, so posting current, well-cropped photos of your residents and facility can make a positive and memorable impression. Visit Pinterest for a business guide for more tips.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

According to Barbara Bannon, Author Optimizing Patient Experiences, “Search for hashtags or keywords to find popular topics based on Likes, Repins and Comments. Post your comments regarding senior living on community boards to multiply the chances of being found and followed. Fill the board with pins related to senior care and the best care of your parents. Advantages to using Pinterest include:

Power – to go viral from a single picture or story.

Audience – demographics include aging Americans and their children.

Format – Visual stimuli register 60,000 times faster, making this social media platform an effective, lead generating tool. Using keywords and hashtags enable people to locate your content repeatedly.

Your Mission

Begin your marketing journey with authentic, verifiable facts, photos, and testimonials. Make it a point to post photos as part of your “story” including current residents (with permission) and share the details of their arrival, friends, activities, and what they like about you. When possible, show residents and staff participating in your facility’s amenities, or, just relaxing in a serene environment.