Senior Inclusion; Connecting to the Outside World.

Seniors often worry that when they retire and move to a Senior community, that they will lose their connections with others. To attract seniors to your community and show them that you want to soothe their fears of isolation, you can take the following steps to help them feel connected.

A Sense of Community

No one wants to live in an isolated setting. Show people that you are a community where they can have easy access to the outside world – plan events that include seniors and their families on a regular basis. Ensure that there is a feeling of effortless access; make it so that transportation, pick-ups and using their vehicles if they are still able to can be a simple process. Make sure that everything is user-friendly and handicapped accessible. If you are in areas that get cold and snow, have regular snow removers and ensure that the parking lots and paths to the community are well groomed.

Access to Technology

Seniors want all the comforts of home at their fingertips, and that includes items such as WI-FI and computers. Many people who live in senior housing do not have access to computers so a well-stocked computer lab would be very beneficial. Computer literacy classes on how to work Skype, email, and FaceTime would allow seniors to learn how to connect online. Social media classes explaining the different aspects of all the latest media would often be appreciated as well. Giving seniors access to the ability to contact family and loved ones all over the world will help to keep them happy as they age.

Include the Culture of the Local Area

People want to remain connected with the outside world when they retire into a senior community. There are several areas where the center can connect with locals to bring in some culture from nearby. Some of these ideas include talking to the following: schools, community centers, and local theaters. Many churches offer volunteer services to connect with the senior communities as well. All of these things help seniors so that they don’t feel isolated when they move into a senior community.

.Seniors want a place where they don’t feel isolated and alone. Make them see that your community stands out from the rest with innovative ideas that help them communicate and explore the world