Senior Caregiving: The Multi-Generational Family Vacation


Traveling as a family offers a multitude of benefits. If you are a parent who is also a caregiver for your own parents, this often means planning a multi-generational trip. You may have young children, teens, yourselves and your parents along for the ride, and that requires some planning.

What Are The Benefits?

Sure, everyone loves a getaway. Most couples long for that kid-free vacation on a tropical beach somewhere. Hopefully, you get that. But for now, you are planning a family trip. Perhaps you are hoping to create memories for your children. Memories about traveling with not just their parents, but their grandparents as well. Perhaps your mother or father wants to visit their home country, or finally make it to Paris. Maybe it’s just a road trip to the other side of the country to visit more family.

Whatever the occasion, it’s important to plan a trip of this nature so that it goes as smoothly and safely as possible. Traveling with senior family members is rewarding and a great way to make memories, with that said, keep the following tips in mind for a smooth trip with seniors:

  • Research Your Destination

Pay particular attention to your accommodations. Do they have proper accessibility? If your loved one has mobility issues, will this be a problem? Are there elevators? Will you need to rent equipment, such as a walker or a wheelchair, or will you be bringing your own?

  • Secure Additional Coverage

If you are visiting overseas, be sure to purchase extra health coverage for all family members. This is important because you may not be covered in the event of injury or illness.

  • Check Medications

Be sure that your loved one has all of the appropriate medications. Make photocopies of prescriptions and write out dosages and times. It is also a good idea to research and locate a local pharmacy, just in case you need to replace lost or damaged medications on the road.

Taking a few extra steps prior to your trip can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of your trip. Be sure to take lots of pictures and videos. Try not to over schedule your trip and don’t forget to stop and rest when needed.