Reasons Your Retirement Community Should Be on Social Media

Social Media ImageWhile the first thing that you think of when you think about seniors is not social media, the truth is that it can be a powerful method to reach seniors & their families to help in your goal of filling up your retirement community. If your community is not on at least one social site, like Facebook, Instagram, or You Tube, you are probably missing out.

Here are 3 reasons why your independent living community needs to be on social media:

Many seniors are online. You can reach seniors through social media. More and more seniors are using laptops, tablets, and smartphones to keep in touch with their families & friends, keep up with the news & medical information. You could be really missing out on all of these potential new residents for your community if they don’t see you when they are online.

You are not only marketing to seniors, you are also trying to catch the attention of their children who are on social media. Even if the seniors that you are trying to reach may not be on social media, their grown children are. These children are looking online for the best place for their parents to live out the rest of their life in safety and comfort. Be a source of information for them.

By placing events on social media, residents, their families and potential residents can join in on the fun. If you use social media as a way to keep your residents informed of the events happening around your community, you will also attract others who want to find a nice place to live socially. They will see all of the fun things that you offer so, when the time comes, your community might be the first place that they think of. Don’t just share events before they happen, share pictures after to show what a great time was had! This can also be a great way for relatives who don’t live close to stay connected. By posting pictures of the community, events & residents, relatives will be able to keep informed about what their loved ones are doing. They might even see pictures of them at the activities with a smile on their face, which can really make a big difference.

Though you might still think that the internet, let alone social media sites are the last place your retirement community can reach potential residents, the truth is that many seniors and their adult children are online. By posting events with pictures along with any other updates, information and specials, you are showing others what a great community you have, creating a bond, & increasing their interest over time!