Must-Bring Items When Moving Your Loved One into a Nursing Home

Moving your loved one into a nursing home can be incredibly stressful, both for you and your loved one. To make the process easier, knowing which items are essential for them to live a comfortable, productive life is critical. After all, this is the next step in their lives, and you’ll need to help emphasize how this is not some type of preparation for the end. To ensure you can perform this critical step of their transition effectively, here are some must bring items when moving your loved one into a nursing home:

Personal Care Items

Having the basics is key to living a comfortable life. Packing deodorant, razors, aftershave, lotions, and other important personal care items for your loved one will keep them happy, healthy, and clean. Especially as they are adjusting to their new community, cleanliness will help them feel confident as they work to make new friends. If your loved one needs help keeping themselves groomed, letting the staff know about your loved one’s preferences in this area is highly recommended.


There are more electronic entertainment options than ever before in today’s high-tech world. While there will be plenty of community events for your loved one to enjoy in their new community, quality personal time is also crucial. Tablets, computers, and smartphones can also make it simple for your loved one to keep in contact with their family. Just make sure you tell them to limit their screentime to a reasonable amount.


Nothing can make you feel displaced quite like a new living space. However, if you decorate that new living space with personal items and images that mean a lot to you, it’s easy to adjust. Helping your loved one pick out the decorations that will keep their new room as cozy as can be will make their transition that much smoother.


Speaking of decorating, valuable keepsakes are another key category of items that will ensure your loved one has a comfortable transition into their new home. Family heirlooms, pictures of their family and pets, and other nostalgic items are a necessity. Once again, helping your loved one pick out the most crucial keepsakes will be critical. If they cannot bring everything with them, be sure to help them secure a place to store the remaining keepsakes. Who knows, they may want to redecorate their room sometime in the near future.

Books, Books, Books

Older generations are especially fond of reading. Reading is not only relaxing, but it helps to keep the mind active and growing (and can even help fight off the effects of dementia)! Grab a nice bookshelf for your loved one’s room, grab their favorite stories and add a healthy stack of to-be-read books and they’ll have a healthy, immersive source of entertainment to enjoy. Your loved one can even continue their education in areas they love with the right books at their side. Access to quality books can help cut down on their screen time as well!

Casual Outfits

Comfortable outfits for hanging around their rooms will make up a large portion of your loved one’s wardrobe in the nursing home. However, making sure they have flashier, more socially appropriate outfits to wear to social gatherings and community events is important as well. Not only will this help them retain their individuality, but it will give them the confidence they need to help spotlight their fantastic personality.

Non-Slip Slippers & Bathrobes

Bathtime is one of the most critical everyday events at nursing homes. It can also be one of the most complicated, as many residents need assistance when bathing. Whether your loved one needs assistance or not, two items will help keep their bathtime safer and more comfortable: non-slip slippers and bathrobes. Keeping them from falling in the shower will ensure they never find themselves injured during this should-be-calming everyday activity.

Storage Containers

Bookshelves are not the only storage necessity your loved one will need. Compact, easy-to-store containers for their clothes, personal items, keepsakes, and more will be critical. Setting up their storage in a way that will keep their room from being cluttered, and which will allow them to easily access their items is of the highest importance. For loved ones that are living in a shared room or space, this step becomes that much more critical to their future comfort.

Here’s to Your Loved One’s Exciting New Journey

When making such a huge transition, having items that remind you of who you are and where you’ve been is incredibly comforting. You can provide this exact support for your loved one by ensuring they have every single one of these items on this list as they move into their new home. With the right entertainment, snazzy clothing, and personal items at their side, they can confidently start this exciting new chapter in their journey.