More Tips to Retain Your Caregivers


You need to have caregivers that you can trust so that you can have a successful home health care, or any type of senior care business. Your caregivers need to work hard so that they keep your customers happy with their services. Longevity speaks volumes about a business!

It can be hard to find good caregivers. However, once you do find them, it is just as important to make sure that they stay. Here are some more tips to retain your best caregivers.

  • People don’t leave jobs, they leave management. For this reason, you have to make sure that you are not the problem. Go above and beyond to treat your caregivers well so that they want to stay. Be there for them during difficult times. Help them when they are down. If there is a problem with their work, discuss it right away so that they can make amends.
  • Be approachable. If you want to keep your employees, it is important that they know that they can talk to you about any problems. If not, they will fester until they boil over and your caregiver decides to quit. Whenever someone has a problem that needs to be discussed, be there for him or her. They will appreciate it.
  • Divide up some of the unwanted jobs. In the senior care field, there are good jobs and there are ones that no one really wants to do. If you are constantly giving someone the bad jobs, they won’t want to continue to work for you. Instead, if you make everyone do a shift that no one wants, it will balance out the good and the bad.
  • Always, always, always reward, recognize, and appreciate your caregivers. People want to feel appreciated. It is true that the little things really do matter and add up. Even if you can’t afford to pay much at the beginning, raises and gifts that show you care go a long way to happy employees.

When you find the right caregivers, you should do everything that you can to be a good and fair manager. Divide up the jobs that no one wants to do so one person is not stuck hating the job. Make sure that you are available if someone needs to talk. Make continuing education a priority and reward those that are learning new skills!

Your business is only as good as your employees so work hard to make them the best that they can be.