Marketing to Seniors: Learning to Speak the Language of a Service Savvy Generation


Today’s seniors are inundated with marketing specifically designed to catch their attention. But what do seniors really want? Simply stated, today’s senior is probably looking for reliable goods and services and excellent customer service.

Reflecting back to how things were 50 years ago gives us a vantage point for the senior’s expectations. Seniors grew up in a time when stores were compartmentalized by specialty and service was paramount. If something broke, they took it back to the source and the issue was quickly resolved, often by someone they knew. In today’s world, things are not so easy anymore. We no longer know the folks down at the hardware store, as it has been replaced by the large, franchised mega­-store. A phone call to a business may result in a quagmire of automated questions. Times have changed, but many seniors long for the way things were.

Below are some helpful “Marketing to Seniors” tips for your business.

  • There are ways to incorporate the ways of the past while marketing cutting-edge products and services to seniors. Seniors want to speak with an individual and they do not like automated attendants. Enhance your product or service with live customer service.
  • Seniors are inherently frugal, but will invest in quality. Products and services should be promoted with quality outcomes, testimonials and third-party endorsements. Seniors will most likely buy what they believe in.
  • Ensure individuals directly marketing to seniors have enough “life experience” to garner the respect of their elders. Seniors value hard work and a strong work ethic and may make a quick judgement if the individual does not outwardly convey these values.
  • Seniors are tech savvy and will research product and service reviews online. Try to ensure that your online presence is positive. Many seniors are connected to social media, so when marketing a community, a strong social media presence is vital to your success. It is also a good idea to post pictures of seniors experiencing the community. Post daily menus and activities, as well as comments and reviews. Allow the senior to connect with the community.
Overall, marketing to seniors should be carried out in a way that demonstrates value and service. Today’s senior is savvy and knowledgeable. Promote quality and service and focus on interpersonal connection. Provide excellent follow-through for successful outcomes.