Looking and Feeling Your Best After 60

As we accumulate chronological years, we don’t have to age biologically. We can still look and feel great well beyond the age of 60. But in order to maintain this static biological aging process, and stay independent, we have to make certain lifestyle choices. And when we know what to do, we can make those specific changes that have the biggest impact on how we look and feel. You can look and feel like a kid again if you follow all of the following tips.

#1: Workout Regularly

Although many people in the United States have desk jobs in the services industry, there are still plenty of times and places to workout. Whether you like to go jogging, swimming, or cross-training at the gym, fitness is the key to reversing the biological clock.

When you exercise regularly, you increase your metabolic rate and burn up the excess stores of fat that release toxins into the body. You will also have the initiative to do more things, in general, when you are light and lean. Maintaining high energy levels and stamina are critical components of feeling young as we age.

#2: Dress Young

Don’t wear those bell-bottom pants that were popular when you were a teenager. You have to change and adapt to the times. Dressing up in trendy outfits that young and hip people would wear is part of creating the illusion of youth. You would never think that anyone wearing polyester red pants was a young man if there was any evidence to the contrary.

You can also wear a body shaper for added confidence. Although it is better to eliminate any fat and flab through diet and exercise, you can still tighten things up by using shapewear to replace the loss of the collagen that once firmed up your skin.

#3: Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is just as important as exercising. If you don’t eat healthy, burning off the extra calories and fat is pointless. One of the biggest poisons in the American diet is sugar. Sugar and simple starches are absolutely the worst ingredients in any food.

Sugar is essentially the glucose that our cells burn for energy. But when we eat processed and refined sugars and foods that contain them, our body doesn’t know what to do with it. Therefore, it releases a huge insulin spike for the cells to absorb the sugar and convert it into stored energy as white fat.

This white fat is very hard to get rid of because our body rarely needs such high volumes of energy to function at any given time and will only open up these reserves in brief emergencies. This is why we only lose a little bit of sugar fat at a time and wind up burning muscle and other cells first.

Of course, eating a well-balanced and natural diet full of vitamins and minerals goes beyond avoiding sugar and simple starches that are easily converted into sugar.

#4: Stay Mentally Acute

In order to maintain a sharp and healthy mind, you have to keep on forcing your brain to think. You can’t rely on looking everything up. Don’t use a calculator to make computations; do them in your head. If you can learn to play a musical instrument, this will also help to build new neural pathways by growing synapses. The more that you challenge yourself, the easier it will be to maintain mental dexterity as you age.