Life Hacks for Making Household Tasks Easier for Seniors

Seniors have done and experienced so much in their lives, and now they’ve earned the right to relax. They won’t be able to avoid some chores entirely, but this does not mean they can’t learn better ways to complete them.

Look over these life hacks for making household tasks easier for seniors and help improve your loved one’s way of life.

Place Reminders

Give seniors the tools to manage parts of their daily routine. Some things might slip their mind from time to time. Help them remember small and big tasks by placing reminders in a visible place.

Choose an area of the house they frequent most. Make a list on a whiteboard and update it daily with whatever tasks need completing.

Let Others Carry the Load

Seniors don’t need to manage everything by themselves. They shouldn’t. If you can outsource some tasks, then do that. Instead of having a senior going up and down stairs or bending over to do laundry, pass this task on to someone else.

Allow a professional laundry delivery service to pick up and drop off their clothes and linens for them. These experts will clean all their items with exceptional care and make their clothes and sheets feel brand new.

Round Out Sharp Furniture Edges

Nobody wants just to sit still all day, seniors included. Sometimes they still want to feel useful, and that’s okay. Moving around the house and getting things done can make them feel like their contributing.

But for everyone’s peace of mind, make sure the house is safe to move around. Counters, tables, and nightstands have sharp edges that cause injury. Smooth out these edges and corners by adding guards that mold into the edges and soften them.

Organize Medications

Sometimes incorporating technology to help remind seniors when to take their medication can cause more confusion than it’s worth. Rather than using an app, opt for a more straightforward method.

The calendar app on their phone might be too difficult to read. A physical calendar or a spreadsheet on the fridge can work better. Buy a pill organizer, too, so they know the correct quantity of pills to take and on which days.

Make your senior’s life easier by incorporating these life hack tasks into their daily routine.