Indoor Activities for Seniors Living in a Nursing Home

Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy spending time outdoors every day. Mother Nature sometimes has other plans, and that is why it is important to have indoor activities for seniors living in a nursing home. Elderly loved ones want to enjoy things while in an assisted living facility, especially on rainy days.

Book Club

Who doesn’t love a good book? Many seniors living in a nursing home have an infinity for reading. An excellent way to interact with other residents is hosting or organizing a book club. Weekly book club meetings give seniors something to look forward to.

Live Music

Many seniors spent the better part of their years enjoying live music. Bring this experience back for them by welcoming cover bands that play music from the era of music they listened to. Live music is a straightforward way to bring smiles to the residents’ faces and allow them to enjoy their afternoon reminiscing about music from their younger years.

Game Night Tournaments

Many assisted living facilities have board games on hand to occupy some residents. Get everyone involved with an exciting game night tournament. These friendly competitions allow residents to tap back into their competitive side and exercise their problem-solving skills.

Card Making & Scrapbooking

Busting out the arts and crafts supplies is easily one of the most fun activities for many seniors. Assist residents in creating elegant cards or scrapbooks with old photos and art supplies. You can even spruce up some projects with satin ribbon. Setting up an arts and crafts opportunity is especially wonderful before holidays, as it allows residents to create thoughtful homemade gifts for their families.

Senior Olympics

This super cool idea brings physical exercise to a whole new level. Incorporate a fun concept into exercise for an effortless healthy indoor activity that makes the rainy day fly by. You can make an entire day of tournaments, offer awards, or create teams. Some exercise ideas include chair yoga, water aerobics, and dancing.

Talent Show

This indoor activity for seniors living in a nursing home allows them to show off their impressive skills and favorite pastimes. Hosting a talent show fuels passion for hobbies the resident might have forgotten about. Talent shows will help them feel young again and act as a group activity that can include everyone.

Indoor hobbies and events for seniors are perfect for crummy rainy days or weekend activities. Showcasing these activities is a thoughtful and well-considered gesture that will delight seniors and encourage them to feel young again. And, if you’re planning ahead for when the weather clears, discover our list of activities seniors will adore in sunny Florida!