How to Achieve a Pain-Free Lifestyle

No Pain imageAs we get older, it only becomes increasingly common for us to feel pain in areas we’ve never felt before. While there are many ways that we can actively stay healthy and fit, as we age, so do our bodies. Whether it’s our back, our neck, or our hips, maintaining a healthy and pain-free lifestyle in our later years can feel next to impossible. If it’s pain that is just starting to appear or if you’ve recently had surgery and are in recovery mode, there are three simple ways to help you have achieve a pain-reduced lifestyle for 2019.

Purchase Pain-Relieving Products

The possibilities of where pain can hit our bodies are just endless. That’s why it’s the smart move to invest in certain items that will help relieve your pain as much as possible. If you’re one of the 50 million Americans who regularly experiences chronic pain, the Quell band is a recommended piece of technology that you can wear around your leg for relief. The band works to stimulate the sensory nerves in your calf which then sends signals to your brain to trigger your body’s natural pain blockers. If you’re not a fan of using pills for relief or just feel like you’ve tried everything with no results, it’s really worth it to check out new and innovative solutions for chronic pain. As back pain is a common issue and can be triggered by many possible factors. It’s very possible that it could be coming from what you’re wearing underneath your clothes. With over 97% of women complaining about their bra fit, it’s important that when shopping for your next bra, that it fits you in all the right places. If you’re unsure of how a correctly fitting bra should fit and feel, it’s helpful to look at a bra size guide. This will lead you towards a well-fitting bra that is both comfortable and supportive.

Use the Facilities in Your Community

Whether you’re living in assisted living or independent living, chances are the community that you live in offers beneficial facilities. When living in a community, look for walking paths, available physical therapists, fitness centers including personal trainers and pools. Each of these will be beneficial in helping to relieve any pain you might be feeling. If you’re working with a personal trainer or a physical therapist, let them know beforehand of where you’re feeling pain. Doing so will help you stretch in all the right places and work out the appropriate muscles. As far as pools go, there are many forms of pool therapy that have been seen to be effective in chronic pain relief. For pool therapy options, there is aquatic therapy, aqua jogging, water yoga or simply just floating. As each form of therapy offers different kinds of relief, it’s helpful to do your research and check out the exact benefits that each kind of pool therapy offers.

Find the Right Way to Recoup

If you or a family member has recently had surgery, have just been involved in an accident or have just overcome from an illness, chances are some form of rehabilitation will be needed. Whether you need to hire a caretaker, a physical therapist, find a rehabilitation facility or move to a nursing home, it’s essential that you find the right way to recuperate. Luckily for seniors, much of the rehab necessities will be covered by insurance or Medicare. No matter what happened, it’s key that you figure how long of a rehabilitation you will need. If it’s short-term, a nursing home may be the right option for you as many offer an inpatient rehabilitation service. If it’s long-term, you may want to look into a permanent caretaker or a nursing home that offers long-term rehab care.

What are some of your recommendations for achieving a pain-free lifestyle?