How Pet Friendly Assisted Living Can Help

Assisted living is a great way for someone to remain independent but still have a level of support there when it is needed. There are different types of assisted living available and each of them will offer its own choice of care packages. It is best to research the assisted living options near to you and see what they offer so you can decide which is best suited to your needs.

One of the things many people mention about assisted living is that they sometimes feel they miss companionship, especially in the evenings. By moving into pet friendly assisted living, you can have a pet to keep you company! Of course, it isn’t just about having a bit of company; they can help in many other ways too.

 Provide Emotional Support

A pet may not be able to talk back; however, they are great listeners. Being able to chat to your pet about your worries can help to lift some of the burden and stress someone is feeling. They help remove some of the loneliness and in turn, reduce stress levels.

You Can Meet New People

Taking your dog for a walk or sitting with your cat in the garden gives people an excuse to talk to you. People love animals and will be curious about your pet – it’s a great conversation opener and can help you to meet new people. Having a friendly neighbor or two in the assisting living accommodation is always a good thing.

Help You Stay Active

No matter the age you are at, staying active is the best way to stay fit. Having a dog or other pet that needs walking ensures that you are committed to getting out of the house each day. A daily walk helps to improve your heart health, makes you feel good and can help support you with staying at a healthy weight. It can be easy to promise yourself that you’ll go for a walk tomorrow but when a pet needs a daily walk you are forced to get out and about each day.

Keeping Healthy

There are many ailments that an older person can be more susceptible to, so keeping happy and active is important. For example, high PSA levels which can lead to issues with the prostate can be linked to stress, so having a pet to help alleviate stress levels could be helpful. The chances of a man developing something like prostatitis are increased when he suffers from high-stress levels. You can read up here on how high can PSA levels go with prostatitis, however the best thing to do is make sure your stress levels are as low as possible and research shows pets can help!

 A Daily Routine

When you are retired and the pace of life slows down, it can be hard to find a reason to get up and do things. However, a pet means that you have a daily structure and a routine once again. Having everyday tasks to carry out can help an older person maintain their sense of purpose, which is great for their overall wellbeing.

The good news is that there are lots of pets that can benefit an older person living in pet friendly assisted living. If the commitment of walking a dog each day is too much then a cat or even a bird could be just the right company they need. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pets, but living in pet friendly assisted living accommodation gives you peace of mind that whatever pet you choose, they’ll be able to call the place home too.