Helpful Tips for Furnishing a Retirement Community Apartment

Retirement communities provide a great living option for many seniors. They offer togetherness through everything from shared meals to fun activities. Many of them offer apartment-style living, which can be a big downsize in living space for many seniors. Seniors may even find furnishing this smaller space challenging.

If this downsize is holding you back, that’s okay. We provide a comprehensive guide on how to find the best place for senior living. Making sure a community offers the amenities you want, including ample living space, is a major point on our list.

Once you’ve found the right space for you, it’s time to start furnishing. We provide some helpful tips for furnishing a retirement community apartment to get you started on the right foot.

Don’t Cover the Windows

Apartments don’t offer quite as much privacy as a home. Seniors who are accustomed to living in a private home may struggle to adjust and want to use dark window covers to make up for it. However, natural light is necessary for maintaining one’s circadian rhythm and positive mental health. If you want to cover your windows, do so with light drapes that you can easily tie back during the day.

Create Cohesion With an Area Rug

You may want to bring various decorations from your home to furnish your retirement community apartment. This means that some pieces don’t automatically look good together. You can create cohesion between these pieces with an area rug. Pick an area rug that has similar colors or textures to the pieces you’re trying to put together to create a streamlined effect.

Buy Furniture Sets

Alternatively, some people buy new furniture for their new space. While you can shop through various stores for individual pieces, this gets tiring. Saving time is one of the benefits of buying an entire furniture set, and we recommend looking at sets first. If you can’t find a set that matches your taste, that’s okay. However, it’s worth a try to save time and get more furniture into your apartment faster.

Add Fresh or Fake Plants

Any type of plant, whether fresh or fake, can make a space feel livelier. This joyful feeling is important for seniors adjusting to a new—often smaller—space. Small plants can fit on window seals or corner cabinets if space is extremely limited. If possible, leave a table open for larger plants that will brighten up the room.

We hope you find these tips for furnishing a retirement community apartment helpful as you make this major life transition. Moving is always a big step, but having a beautifully decorated apartment in the right retirement community will help you make the most of your golden years.