Guide to Caring for Elderly Parents at Home






It’s tough to watch your parents get older. They may experience health issues or need more help performing day-to-day tasks. One way to ensure your parents get the care they need is to have them move in with you. These simple tips on caring for elderly parents at home will serve as a guide for anyone thinking about making the decision.

Prepare your Home

One of the first things you should do if your elderly parents will move in with you is to prepare for their arrival. Make sure you have an extra bedroom your parents can sleep in, and it should be as comfortable as possible. As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive and we can’t retain heat as easily. Use the smoothest sheets available and well-insulated blankets, so your parents stay comfortable. Also, use sheets without any added bleaches or dyes; they’re gentler on aging skin. If possible, let your parents have a separate area (close to the main living space) for themselves in the house. That way, they can have their own space, and you can quickly reach them if they need assistance. Also consider grab bars, shower seats and other safety precautions as needed.

Upgrade Your Bed for a Better Night’s Sleep

Invest in High-Quality Sheets. Sheets are costly, but how many sets do you really require? Although having two sets on laundry day is convenient, you can get by with just one. For the most comfort, choose the highest thread count you can afford. Also, stick to natural fibers such as cotton or linen. They breathe and will allow your body to rest better. They are also soft. A snug fit and a better sleep is possible when you use a sheet holder. It is an item that secures a fitted sheet, flat sheet, or mattress pad in place.

Hire In-Home Caregivers

People who want to keep their elderly parents at home but still work may want to hire in-home caregivers. Many services, like New LifeStyles, can help you find someone to care for your parents. Research websites that have lists of caregivers in your neighborhood. Another option is to utilize neighborhood advice websites for testimonials. Lots of towns have websites structured like open forums so that you can get recommendations. Have parents meet with the person you decide to hire before you make things official, though. You want to be sure whoever you choose gets along well with your parents.

Call in the Calvary

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Switching roles with your parents is really hard. Children don’t think that one day they’ll have to do what their parents once did for them, so home care can cause stress for some people. Join support groups with others who also care for their parents. Research online forums for answers to any questions you may have. Also, if you have siblings, come together as a unit. Lean on each other when needed, and make decisions as a group. If you’re an only child, talk to your friends, and get out of the house for a break when you need to. There’s no reason to pretend that things are easy all the time, and everyone needs support.


This guide on caring for elderly parents at home will make a difficult time a little easier. Remember to enjoy this time with your parents. Even though things are changing, it’ll be nice to have them in such close proximity to you. At the end of the day, you’ll appreciate the time you have together.