Get Out of the “Elder” Mindset

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Times change, and if you really look around, you’ll find that more seniors are tech-savvy and up-to-date with the latest innovations, such as phones, computers and more. Marketing to seniors takes creativity and preparation for knowing what they want. They like connection to the inside and outside world. They want to stay active, and they want to have independence. A senior’s life isn’t all about healthcare. There are other factors too, and sometimes it’s the little things that give you the edge over other senior living communities.

  • Connection

One of the most attractive things about a community to a senior is if the community has a network connection. Family is the highest priority and to keep connected, allow your residents to keep in contact with friends and family through Skype, social media and other various means. Ensuring your community has ways to keep in contact with their family gives them extra security and a way to stave off a feeling of isolation.

In addition to staying in contact with those outside of the community, it’s just as important to stay in contact within. Having a Facebook page for the community itself is a very good idea. Connecting with friends to throw together a community event or get-together just because they can, promotes fellowship and security. In addition, a social media page builds a community online promoting influence to other prospects to investigate.

  • Safety

How safe is your senior living community? Retirement living includes freedom. If a community member wants to go for a walk at 8 p.m. with their dog, Trixie, and best friend, George, do you have enough lighting in the neighborhood? Are there enough benches to rest on? Are the sidewalks in good condition or are they a trip hazard? Is your community “senior” friendly through these little things? They’re a possible deciding factor and if you can boast of them for your marketing agenda, then you have an edge.

  • Simplicity

If the normal things you use for marketing strategy aren’t working as well as you’d like, then maybe it’s time to take a different approach. Often times we fall unknowingly into complicated strategies, however, when your efforts aren’t proving as effective, then turn toward simplicity first for new ideas and new angles. Our seniors are now those coming from an era of beginning technology development. Their priorities are in family and enjoyment of retirement living.

Family, safety, security and well-being intertwine with retirement. Build your community upon what is most important to seniors and your community will surely grow.