Facebook Pro Tips: Building a Social Media Community for Advertising, Marketing and Sales


Whether you are a new business or senior living community trying to establish your Facebook community or a large business looking to expand, taking a step back and re­-evaluating your community management strategy can help regain your focus and social media, advertising, marketing and sales success. Below are some foundational tips to always keep in mind.

  • Building a Fan Base

You probably put thought into every status update, every image and every video, but how do you make sure your content gets seen? First, be sure to fully integrate your website content with your Facebook account. You should have contact links on all pages and hyperlinks and share buttons on each individual piece of content. Next, find industry­ relevant groups on Facebook and introduce yourself. There are audiences out there already looking for your content, you just need to let them know where to find you.

  • When to Post

Test Facebook post times during high activity hours at the beginning and middle of the work­day and late in the evening for night owls. Finding your post time sweet spot takes audience awareness, patience, testing and tweaking. Try to consider your audience’s lifestyle when imagining when they might have time to engage on Facebook, then give them something to engage with!

  • What to Post

When crafting your Facebook content, keep the 80/20 Rule in mind.This means that 80 percent of your content should be helpful, engaging content relevant to your audience’s wants and needs and only 20 percent of your content should be brand or product promotion. This content balance helps maintain your reputation as a valuable resource without coming off as a commercial. Use relevant, trending hashtags in your posts to gain additional, organic reach. Try to avoid posting too many “like­ baiting” memes; these may underperform due to newsfeed algorithm filters. Focus instead on posting content that is interesting to your community.

  • How Often to Post

To maintain a valuable information flow for your Facebook community, strive to post at least three to five updates per week. Once you have established your peak hour post times, maximize on all of those engagement opportunities. It is a good idea to also space out a variety of post types for maximum visibility.

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