Events to Hold at Your Senior Care Facility

Holding events is a great way to involve your residents in their senior care community, plus they can act as a promotional tool for administrators. Private events allow residents to feel like a part of a larger community, build new friendships, and develop interests in new hobbies. You can then advertise these events to pique the interest of potential new residents, or your senior care facility can hold public events to increase local community outreach.

Here are a few examples of events to hold at your senior care facility.

A Car Show

For your residents with a passion for classic, antique, or vintage cars, bring the cars to them with a parking lot car show. Since you must hold this event outside, it’s a relatively safe option that will still allow you to maintain social distance. You can even utilize a car show as a public event for fundraising and spreading your senior care facility’s message to the community. You may even collect some leads from interested parties.

A Holiday Party

Holidays can be difficult for residents who don’t have much family around. Spread the holiday spirit by hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas movie marathon throughout December.

A Speaking Series

Hosting a speaking series on various topics is a great event to hold at your senior care facility. Look for speakers who will discuss topics your residents may be interested in, including physical health, financial stability, or family-related topics.

Hosting a speaker is also a great way to draw in your target audience from the community. Open your event up to the public to signify your facility as a resource for local seniors. As with any other event, make sure to follow social distancing guidelines when opening events to the public and cap off the audience for speaking events per the appropriate gathering restrictions.

Art Classes

As with the previously listed events, art classes can give your residents something new and exciting to do and can draw in local community members at the same time. You can even host art classes through Zoom to keep residents and community members safe.