Elevate a Good Nursing Home to a Great One

Your Nursing Home has top-notch staff, a well-maintained building, and excellent medical care for your residents. What are three things you can do to make your facility stand out and attract residents and families alike?

Provide a Caring Atmosphere from the Top Down 

Moving a loved one into a nursing home is usually a sudden decision, based on unforeseen circumstances often compounded by a medical emergency. In this stressful situation, the future resident relies on family members to decide which nursing home is the best fit. This could be the first time family members have ever toured a nursing home and the initial contact with admission administrators and staff will leave a lasting impression. A care-centered approach for both the resident and the family is standard, but each and every staff member should go the extra mile and develop a caring attitude. Each employee should show great care in interactions with everyone, including vendors, fellow employees, volunteers, and guests. People will notice and comment on the caring atmosphere and word will spread that your community is a place where residents and guests receive gentle care, and that is truly the greatest wish of families.

Provide a Lovely Garden Area

The outside garden area doesn’t need to be large, just inviting, with ample seating for residents and guests. This area is so important because it is the one spot that most closely resembles gardens and memories from the clients past. Sitting with a loved one in a garden with trees, shrubbery, and flowers, having a quiet conversation, or just sitting together, is an irreplaceable bonding moment for families. This spot needs to be well maintained with easy access and it will be a favorite.

Design ‘Homey’ Common Areas

The common areas should look like a family room, with couches, chairs, and decor that resembles a comfortable family room. A large television with an entertainment center and books is a great focal point for a common area. Clients can envision themselves sitting in these areas and being comfortable, which makes it easier for them to envision their loved one living there. Extend this idea into the dining areas as well, and the overall atmosphere of your community will be welcoming when clients take a tour.

These three elements make a big difference, not just for the resident, but for their family and friends who can find comfort in the excellent care provided by your community.