Easy Ways to Do Physical Therapy at Home for Seniors

Maintaining physical well-being is especially important as a senior. Physical therapy is an excellent tool for prevention instead of treatment. Suppose physical therapy treatments are unavailable to you or your physical mobility limits you. In that case, you can easily incorporate these routines and movements as a part of your home care.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is one of the many easy ways for seniors to improve their mobility from home. It only requires a chair and a few minutes doing specialized poses and movements for improved posture and physical health. If you’re a senior who struggles with mobility and getting around the house, this stationary exercise is perfect for you. You can easily find videos online or printable instructions on how to perform the chair yoga exercises.

Resistance Band Workouts

Another easy way to do physical therapy at home is by using resistance bands. Resistance bands are stretchy elastic bands that create resistance when you apply tension. You can apply tension by pulling the ends of the bands in opposite directions. The best part about this workout is that you can use it on the arms or legs while standing in one spot.

This form of therapy is excellent for building strength and stretching out tense muscles, and it’s a cheap and safe method of PT at home. There are plenty of instructional videos for resistance band exercises online.

Dynamic Stretching

Stretching is an essential kind of physical therapy and is one of many fall prevention exercises. There are many benefits of stretching, including improved posture, mobility, joint health, circulation, and relaxation, among many more. Dynamic stretching explicitly requires a bit of movement to the stretch, which helps warm up the muscles and prepare them for exercise or strenuous activity. Swinging your leg back and forth, for example, is an excellent dynamic stretch.

Power Walking

Power walking is another easy way to do physical therapy at home. You can power walk anywhere at any time with no equipment. Power walking refers to the effort put into walking by increasing pace, rigor, or speed. You can add light weights to your walk to increase the difficulty and boost your heart rate, which is great for circulation. Try power walking laps around your home or even in your driveway to increase your steps for the day.