Developing SEO, PPC, & Social Media Campaigns For Senior Communities

In a world where digital communications and online communities help drive sales and admissions for senior communities and care agencies you must learn to evolve quickly with trends, as well as understand how to effectively communicate with your audience. Your tasks can be overwhelming when attempting to put together the puzzle pieces. SEO, PPC, & Social Media marketing are common buzzwords, and marketing firms will try and sell you on their expertise, but how can you be prepared to launch a digital marketing campaign, especially when you are new to the space? Read on…

Social Creatures

Humans are social creatures, and much of our communications are carried out online. Customers will seek out information, advice, and reviews online. The important thing to understand when setting up a Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlet for your community or agency is quite simple: The customer is King.

You must provide your customers with relevant information that offers some value in their search for a senior community. This means that your online presence should be an accurate and positive representation of your real world self. Pictures of your facility and its amenities are valuable assets that should be displayed within your social accounts, as are positive reviews, and current information about activities you offer. Make sure you have these things ready before launching a social media marketing campaign.

Understand Thyself

SEO and PPC (Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click) marketing are powerful tools that can put your community’s online presence in front of your target market, but you must have a strategy. Before launching any type of digital marketing campaign for your community, you must have a solid understanding of how you want to present yourself to potential tenants, and you must know who your target audience is.

Ask yourself a few questions: What pages do I need to get in front of more visitors? What content do I want displayed on these pages? Do we have any important offers or key points that we need to get in front of more eyes? Creating the content that you want to promote online is the most important part of creating a successful campaign.

Step By Step

Don’t get overwhelmed with your tasks at hand. There is a wealth of information available online to help you craft the perfect campaign, and rushing things will not help you on your path to success. We hope these simple tips will help you get started!