Customer Service Careers Best Suited for the Family Caregiver

Working Caregiver

Being a caregiver can be difficult, but if you also have to work outside of the home to help with finances, it becomes even more difficult! a full-time caregiver must be available 24/7 unless they have help from time to time thru respite care like home care, adult day care, etc.. With the influx of jobs via the internet, there are more careers available that can work for caregivers. In fact, one of the areas that offers several possible careers that can be accomplished over the phone and the internet are in the customer service industry.

Using Phone and Internet for Customer Service

Customer service is primarily done on the phone, although some customer service is moving to internet chat and social media. For someone who needs to work from home, customer service is an ideal niche. Many companies prefer to have their customer service reps work from home because it lowers the company overhead. Since you don’t need an office, their only costs are your time and training.

Finding a Job

Depending if you want to work as a freelancer customer service rep or for a company directly, there are several ways to find a job. Here are some suggestions to inspire you:

  • Search local newspaper and online classifieds
  • Visit job-search websites and look for “customer service” jobs
  • Search Google for “online customer service” jobs
  • Call local temporary employee companies
  • Look for websites online with online customer service and write them directly
  • Network with friends and family to see if they know anyone who uses part-time customer service staff
  • Search freelance websites for jobs
  • Look at medical-related companies for medical billing jobs

How to Search

As you search online through various databases for jobs in this niche, some good keywords to use in your queries are:

  • customer service jobs
  • online customer service
  • phone customer service
  • help desk jobs
  • online billing jobs
  • internet customer service jobs
  • part-time online jobs
  • live chat jobs
  • technical customer service
  • appointment setting jobs
  • customer support jobs
  • call center jobs

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