Creating Sales Strategy Action Plans for Senior Living Communities

Creating Sales Strategy Action Plans for Senior Living Communities

One of the biggest benefits about having an effective online presence for your senior living community is the inbound sales leads it helps generate. If you don’t have an effective sales strategy, your inbound marketing efforts could be going to waste. A good strategy will not only help focus your sales team’s efforts but also effectively guide prospective residents through the sales process.

Writing the sales strategy doesn’t have to be hard, either. Here is a simple five-step sale strategy action plan that can help your team convert more of your inbound sales into happy residents.

Writing Your Sales Strategy Action Plan

Qualifying Prospective Residents

Your sales team should take time to determine which prospects are the most qualified and the most likely to turn into residents. More qualified leads should get more of your sale’s teams time and attention. Take factors into consideration such as:

  • Engagement history
  • Demographics

Personalizing the Sales Presentation

An inbound lead has already done their research. They’ve read your sales pitch on your website and agree that it might be the right fit for them. They are already informed; now they want more information. That’s why your sales team should personalize the presentation for each lead. Tailor the presentation to their needs and give them more specific information about your facility.

Overcoming Sales Objections

Discover what’s holding people back from signing on the dotted line. Each prospect will have specific concerns or objections to closing the sale with you. Your sales team should know what those common objections are and how to respond to them. For many senior living communities, common sales objections include cost, care, and the happiness of their loved one.

Creating Closing Techniques

Perfecting closing techniques is an area that many salespeople struggle to master. Formalizing a few techniques can help them develop their skills in this important area of the sales process. Develop a few closing techniques they can use, such as closing with a question or a special offer to urge a decision.

Developing a Timeline

Research about how long the sales process takes for your senior living community. Does the timeline change with different inbound channels or different demographics? You’ll be able to better estimate when to move leads to the next step or cut them loose when you know average timelines.

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