Best Window Treatment Options for Senior Living

Window treatment options are an essential part of home decorating while also providing an important function. Window treatments allow us to control the amount of light that comes in, give us privacy, and help create a comfortable and relaxing environment. Whether in nursing homes or home care, learning about some of the best window treatment options for senior living never hurts.

Woven Wood Shades

A calming environment is good for senior health. Woven wood shades provide a natural sensation and are great for at-home care. These eco-friendly options are easy to install and manage while creating a relaxed and inviting setting. Woven wood shades don’t generally have many pieces, making them less of a hassle to open or close.


Unlike blinds and shutters, which contain cords and pull strings that may tangle or snap, drapes are an elegant and classy window treatment option for seniors. While drapes are ideal for longer windows or sliding glass doors, they open along a railing that requires little force or effort to let in a bit of light. This quality makes them a great option regardless of one’s level of strength or mobility.

Drapes are an excellent way to add a dash of style and comfort to any living arrangement while providing essential sound and temperature control.


No matter your choice, your most valuable asset is motorization. Motorized window treatments allow residents, staff, family members, and all individuals to control the amount of light and privacy from the windows with the press of a button. These options prevent seniors from moving around too much while giving them control of what comes through their windows.

Many motorized window options also come with timers, allowing people to set their blinds, shades, or shutters to open or close at intervals throughout the day. Regardless of what treatments you use, investing in motorization is fundamental for the health and comfort of the seniors in your life.