Best States to Retire near the Gulf of Mexico

Once you’ve finally retired from years of hard work, finding a community to call home can feel overwhelming. Maybe your current state doesn’t feel suitable for you and your desire to have a peaceful retirement. There’s even a chance that the weather is cold and uncomfortable where you live, so getting out is the next option.

You deserve a comfortable life after working so hard. Here are a few of the best states to retire near the Gulf of Mexico that are not only beautiful but also peaceful. From the large state of Texas to the calming beaches of Florida, the choice is yours.


Panama City, Montgomery, Birmingham—all are beautiful cities in Alabama. Primarily known for its iron and steel resources, sweet tea, and football, it’s a friendly state with mild winters. A significant benefit to retirees living in ‘Bama is its tax-friendliness and lower health-care costs. Additionally, Alabama is one of the best states to retire near the Gulf of Mexico for its safety, scenery, and historical charm. It’s also has considerably low crime rates. Finding the perfect community in Alabama shouldn’t take long. Roll, Tide!


Everything is bigger in the state of Texas—cities, personalities, entrées, and land on which to live. It’s another state that offers low taxes and living costs to retirees, with short winters and many cultural opportunities to learn about. The Lone Star State also has many cities to choose from that are just right for your lifestyle. Overflowing with history and culture, each city has something beautiful to offer near the Gulf. If you want to live somewhere with great barbecue, friendly people, and many ranches to see, cities such as Dallas, Fredericksburg, Port Arthur, and San Antonio are great places to look. Not to mention, Austin is great if you love live entertainment and beautiful trails.


Florida is among the best retirement destinations, and it’s obvious why. Located in the bottom right corner of the continental United States, Florida is delightful in temperature, with beautiful beaches. However, those aren’t the only things that bring retirees down to find a community. Delicious food, many fun activities, and an overall sense of peacefulness make Florida the place you’ll want to spend the rest of your life.

With the state’s bustling cities and calming beaches, there are plenty of places in which to settle down, from Orlando or the city of Tampa to Clearwater or St. Petersburg along the Gulf. Each provides plenty of options for people ready to have a unique, calming life in the sun.

Finding the perfect retirement community takes time and patience. But once you find one that tickles your fancy, you can fulfill your dream retirement near the beach.