Amenities to Search for When Visiting Senior Living Facilities

Whether you’re searching for a senior living facility for yourself or someone you know, it’s an involved process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ultimately, the objective is to find a safe and decent living space that’s affordable, offers a variety of senior care services, and provides a healthy environment for seniors to live comfortably. As you visit locations, don’t overlook to check for amenities that will add to the overall experience. 

Here’s a look at convenient and enjoyable amenities to look for at senior living facilities: 

Laundry Services

Having a laundromat on-site or a washer and dryer set in your unit is excellent. However, washing clothes and linens can be tedious for some seniors to complete themselves. Therefore, you should inquire about laundry services for residents that include pickup, wash, dry, fold, and drop-off options. 

Separate Dining Areas

While many senior facilities have dining halls and cafeterias for residents to socialize and enjoy meals, it’s not always convenient. If you want to entertain friends and family, you don’t want to have to do it in front of the other residents. Separate dining areas provide you with privacy so you can enjoy your company in peace. 


Keeping up with your appearance boosts your confidence. Be that as it may, it gets harder to keep your hair cut or styled as you age. Some senior living facilities have a salon or barbershop on-site for residents to visit. It’s a great way to maintain your looks while socializing with others. 

Parcel Lockers

When it comes to receiving mail and packages, you want to ensure they remain secure. As you visit senior living facilities, search for electronic parcel lockers for residents. The lockers should be located in a safe and easily accessible location on the premises so residents can retrieve their items without struggling or fearing for their safety. 

Libraries & Media Centers

Whether you enjoy reading books, watching movies, surfing the internet, or socializing with friends and family online, you need a convenient place to do it. Ask if the senior living facility has a library or media center on-site that residents can access for everyday entertainment. 

Outdoor Seating Areas

When the weather permits, it’s nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Survey the premises to see if there are designated areas for seniors to relax, socialize, or eat outdoors. 

Walking Trails

Staying active is essential for senior health and wellness. One of the least strenuous yet beneficial ways to get daily exercise is to go for a walk. Does the senior living facility you’re visiting have walking trails for residents to go for a safe stroll? Is there a nearby park where they can sit and enjoy nature? 

Game Rooms And Entertainment

Whether you enjoy playing cards, bingo, or dominos, it’s nice to do it in the company of others. Review the list of amenities at the senior living facility to see if they have a game room or a designated area where residents can indulge in entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, does the facility offer activities and events for residents? Options might include field trips, live performances, city tours, shopping, and more. 

Spa Services

While not available at all senior living facilities, some luxury sites offer spa services for their residents. Massages are instrumental for seniors that struggle with arthritis, body aches, high blood pressure, poor circulation, or mobility issues. At the same time, facials and other spa treatments can improve your skin and boost your mood.

Finding a place to live is a serious decision, especially for seniors that don’t always have the means to keep relocating. While affordability and facility reputation are essential factors, don’t overlook the importance of comfort, convenience, entertainment, health, and wellness. As you narrow down your options, don’t hesitate to ask about or check out the list of amenities listed above. Ultimately, if you end up selecting the facility, you want to ensure it’s someplace you or your loved one wouldn’t mind living forever.