Alternatives to Assisted Living

Assisted care doesn’t always mean having to go to an assisted living community. There are options and alternatives to assisted living that can guarantee your safety without the need to sacrifice your independence. Whether that kind of care takes the form of an alert system or a visiting nurse, you have a choice in what type of care you receive.

Medical Alert System

With advancements in technology making alert systems more affordable and convenient, by installing them in their homes, seniors can maintain their daily routines without interruption. Their lives will stay the same, except that help is a simple press of a button away.
These alert systems come in different forms: they can be buttons worn as necklaces or on the wrist, or they can be installed on the wall to be voice activated. Once pressed, the alert system notifies medical professionals who will come to the home and render aid. These systems are ideal for keeping independence, but they’re also reactive methods of care, only activating when a problem has already occurred.

In-Home Care

Home care keeps seniors in their homes so that they can go about their day-to-day lives, but it also offers them the assistance of a medical professional or full-time caregiver. This professional or caregiver can help with any medical problems that may arise, perform basic house upkeep, and make sure the senior routinely takes any necessary medication.

In-home care can also cut down on hospital expenses, as the caregiver can help with medical problems while in the home. It can also cut down on the need for visits to the hospital by preventing any possible complications that may occur. In-home care can offer many services, and you can pick and choose which to use based on necessity.

Respite Care

If you decide to go the route of in-home care, whether it’s a family member or a medical professional, there are further options to know about. Respite care gives the primary caregiver the choice to take a break or to have another nurse come in to take over the responsibility for a while. This decreases the likelihood of mistakes as a result of stress and fatigue and improves the quality of life for everyone involved. There are options for respite care if you want the extra care to last a few hours, on specified days, or for several weeks.

There are now many viable alternatives to assisted living homes. These alternatives mean seniors can live with the luxury of knowing help is close by without giving up their current lifestyles.