Adding Touches of Luxury to your Assisted Living Home

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Luxurious assisted living communities have features that can be adopted by less expensive facilities with some creative thinking. Features that might just give your home the edge to win out over the competition:

  • Special entertainment:  Local choirs and Scout troops are free. To find a “big name” entertainer who will provide a free performance, contact nearby theaters, comedy clubs, opera and music houses. Many performers consider entertaining seniors a worthy use of their time. Request free tickets to performances for residents who are able to travel.
  • Pet-friendly:  Luxury centers are more likely to allow owners to live with their pets. If this is not feasible, contact area animal shelters and organizations and request visits and/or names of people who own therapy dogs.
  • Natural beauty: If your home is not located on the beautiful grounds typical of luxury assisted living, ask local professionals to help you bring nature inside. A gardening club may donate and help arrange attractive plants – or find a piece of land they can beautify. Consider a roof garden.
  • Concierge Service: Assisted living centers not in the luxurious category do not have the budget for a full-time concierge to make travel arrangements, suggest and arrange for tickets to local events, reserve a table at a restaurant, make medical and salon appointments, and other services a hotel concierge provides. You could create a concierge position that would interest and challenge a volunteer.  You would need to provide a desk, phone, and computer in an attractive nook. Encourage the volunteer or concierge team to have regular hours that residents can count on.
  • Gourmet meals: A major selling point for luxury properties is the food. While you may not be able to persuade a local restaurant to provide a delicious meal for all residents, do not forget that many local women and men take pride in their cooking. Contact food category winners at local fairs. Would they be willing to let the residents sample their award-winning pie? Church groups are known for their potlucks. Would they share a dish with your residents?

If your home does not fall into the “luxury” category, a touch of luxury, like a touch of mink, can set you apart from others in its price range.